Development of a new product is always exciting!

For me, there is that special moment when an idea comes to life. This process may take a few hours or a couple of years to complete but it is always somewhat of a miracle, almost like giving birth. Well, in some way, it is giving birth to an idea (where headaches are the labour pains). Unlike actual birth however, this embodiment is the outcome of many talented minds working together for a certain period of time.

This magical moment is quickly replaced by an anxious anticipation of witnessing how our newly born product is doing on its own. Can it walk strait? Will it operate the way it is meant to and not break down and fall over? Finally and most importantly, will people understand it? What would the experience of interacting with it be like?

This last question directly relates to the field of user experience. In the last decade, the field of user experience has known a few yet profounding shits. Previously known as UI – User Interface, the art of creating a screen for the user to interact with was development team responsibility, maybe with a touch of graphic design (a bit of make-up if you will). Now days, screen creation has become the kingdom of product managers, user experience designers and graphic designers thus creating a situation where the developer has very little say in the process. There are of course UX issues which has an impact on development resources and developers should be able to have their voice in the crowd. When training a new UXer, one should teach him or her at least the very basics of HTML and CSS in order to establish a clear communication line between the product and development teams so engaging a development team in learning the basics of UX would be the next rational step.

However, forming a clear understanding and communication within and between teams in the organization should not be the mere goal of teaching UX to development teams. An educated development team would be able to take UX decisions on their own, taking into account development setbacks. There will be less of a need to go back and forth between product and dev as some of the decisions re UX matters could be taken autonomously by the development team or at the very least the team would understand why things are done in the way they are done.

It is imperative that everyone in the organization would have a clear vision of the user and the development team is no different. A product, much like a baby, is a complex and complete mechanism which needs to work in harmony in order to create the best possible experience.

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Ofer Monar

Ofer Monar

Lead UX/UI Designer @ Netcraft

Hi, I’m Ofer, Lead UX / UI Designer and Ph.D in Cognitive Psychologist. I consider myself a professional UI/UX expert with the soul of an artist and the curiosity of a scientist.