Practical Agile

Practical Agile

At Practical Agile we help our clients to develop products that customers love and employees love to develop. We do this through Agility, excellence in process, engineering-practices and learning-culture. Partnering with us in your Agile journey will help you achieve the success you are looking for by becoming a learning organization that continuously delivers valuable products and maintains technical excellence and high level of Agility.

At Practical Agile we also understand that training courses and games are very important – but they’re not quite enough. When it comes to implementing Agile, you want to make sure that you do what’s right for YOU, according to the specific needs of your organization. In fact, one of the benefits of Agile, compared to traditional process engineering methods, is that not only do Agile frameworks provide this freedom – the freedom is part of the Agile credo.

Practical Agile is an expert in providing tools for Agile transition:
* How to promote a culture of retrospective in the organization
* How to challenge the organization to continually make adjustments to improve
* How to be aware of the process, not just blindly follow a set of rules

Practical Agile was founded by 3 Agile Experts (Ilan Kirschenbaum, Lior Friedman & Elad Sofer) with vast experience in different domains who together form a strong team that can help you reach your targets, by now Practical Agile is helping many companies big and small with their Agile transformations.

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