Angular 2.0 Architecture | 02.03.2017

Speaker: Eyal Vardi, Frontend Expert, Consultant & Entrepreneur.
Eyal is a highly-appreciated contributor to the developers community through lectures, conferences, open house events, blog posts and free tools.

In this meetup Eyal will talk about Angular 2.0 architecture. The session will focus on the main parts of Angular 2.0:

  • Angular Compiler
  • Hierarchical Injector
  • Component Lifecycle Hooks
  • Change Detector
  • Renderer
  • Angular 2.0 & jQuery
  • Dynamic component creation
  • Performance Optimization

Each part will be explained and analyzed. In some cases we will dive into Angular 2.0 source code. Our purpose is to list the Do’s & Don’ts of Angular.
The session is mostly targeted for developers which already have some experience with Angular 2.0.