Advanced SQL Techniques | 30.03.2017

Speaker: Ram Kedem, Data & BI Team Leader at PLYmedia.
Ram is a Database expert with over a decade of experience in developing, administering, and architecting database platforms. Ram is very passionate about making a difference through teaching, and nowadays divides his time between teaching different courses and providing technical consultations.

In this meetup Ram will focus on complex SQL queries, and demonstrate advanced “real-world” problems and solutions. As a technical infrastructure, through which different challenges will be explained, this meetup covers subjects such as:

  • Introduction to Complex Scalar Functions
  • Advanced Techniques for Sorting and Filtering Values
  • Working with Analytic Functions
  • Using advanced Group Functions
  • Working with Complex Sub-Queries
  • Using CTE and Recursive CTE

This meetup is based on the book: Advanced SQL – Practical Techniques and Use-Cases by Ram Kedem.