BITCOIN & Blockchain Technology | 08.03.2017

Speaker: Omer Greisman, IT Audit Team leader @ Bank Hapoalim.
Omer is researching and lecturing on Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies since 2013.

Session Overview:
The Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way we define trust in the digital world. Many will argue that it’s the most significant invention, since the creation of the Internet. Even if you’re new to the Blockchain concept, you might already be familiar with the digital coin (BITCOIN), which brought the Blockchain technology into the world in 2009.

Major organizations worldwide have discovered the huge potential of the Blockchain technology, investing in research & development, and focusing on finding appropriate business use cases that use this technology for transferring digital assets (like: currencies, financial instruments, documents and smart contracts) in a safe, transparent and significantly faster than today.

In this session, Omer will present the Blockchain technology and explain its technical basics, what kind of blockchains are there, and its potential usage in the FinTech industry and beyond.