Yariv Gilad

Ajar~Yariv Gilad

Full stack JavaScript Guru
Hi, I'm Yariv but everyone calls me Ajar, since usually I keep the door Ajar for something interesting... I’m a senior technologist and have been a tech lecturer for 10 years.
My Working Experience
My Working Experience

For more then a decade, I’ve held various IT positions in several start-ups and high tech companies including Sizmek (formerly MediaMind/Eyeblaster) and interCall (formerly Unisfair). I’m also a member of the founding team at Wibbitz.

During the past 10 years I’ve created & conducted courses and training workshops worldwide for corporate & startups like Amdocs, Cisco, Iron-source & others, along with semester courses I ran for years in Israeli academic institutions, namely Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Holon Institute of Technology and Training centers like John Bryce College. I’d define myself as a senior IT professional striving for excellence in the startup eco system. Constantly after new ways to redefine user interaction with content. I’ve accumulated a deep understanding of many aspects of web & mobile related technologies, playing many roles in the industry during my years of experience.

Services I Give
Services I Give

I’m passionate about home exchange and travel as I’m about developing web applications, and CasaVersa is the result!

Today my main interest is Full stack JavaScript. This is why I’ve created Artizan.io which is a training service based on a constant research of up-to-date technologies for developers. I’m an active entrepreneur based in the Tel Aviv Start up ecosystem. I’m a former member of the founding team at wibbitz.com and the founder of CasaVersa. I’m obsessed with User interfaces, web-apps, workflows & trends.

The courses & workshops provided by Artizan.io are a shortcut to mastering the latest technologies on the market today. This training can save you or your team months of research and experimentation and is built to equip you with the most practical tool set you can get.

I look forward to see you in class.

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