Yaniv Arad

Yaniv Arad

Senior Consultant & Trainer
Hi, I'm Yaniv, a Senior Instructor, Technologies Consultant and Entrepreneur. I'm a very experienced technologist backed by more than 15 years of experience and deep knowledge mainly with Microsoft technologies.
My working experience
My working experience

Despite my business orientation and my managerial roles and experience, always stay very close to the code, to the architecture and other technical issues while being most up-to-dated with the newest internet technologies, platforms & products.
Apart from that, i instructed dozens of courses with hundreds of students and software engineers – some of them from the IDF elite technological units (like Mamram, 8200 etc..) and some are about to make their first steps into the programming world. I worked (and still working) with and for almost all the training centers such as: Johh Bryce, Ness College, Interbit, HackerU, etc.
As a Hi-Tech industry professional (who stay to the low level coding on a daily basis), I know exactly the challenges the students are about to face with, which results in teaching and assimilating daily basis best practices as well as highly “Hands On” training for maximum practical experience (I don’t believe in “Beautiful” Power Point Presentations.  Programming is learned only by hard CODING work)

Development experience:

Chief Developer at BU StartUp company
Web Programmer (Server, Client)
.NET Technologies Development Team leader
Dynamics CRM & SharePoint programmer
Dynamics CRM Department Manager
SharePoint Development Department Manager

Training experience:

Microsoft Technologies Track lecturer – Technion
.NET Track manager at HackerU College
Microsoft Technologies courses manager at Ness college
.NET track manager at Malam-Team Training Center
Senior trainer at Interbit college
Senior trainer at Omega college
Dynamics CRM Trainer at John Bryce

Services I Give
Services I Give

Consulting | Projects Management | Development | Training

Development Management

Companies I Trained
Companies I Trained
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