Udi Oron

Udi Oron

Passionate Web Developer and Educator
Hi, I'm Udi, a father, an autodidact, a hacker, a geek and a Mentor. I'm currently focusing on mentoring junior software developers to the exciting field of software & web development.

My main expertise is high level Python, Django, Javascript, AngularJS and other (MVC) frameworks. I see software development as a craft and educating others into it is my passion. I am trying to keep myself busy by combining software development and mentoring, working on interesting projects I love and care about.

My Computer Skills:
• Full Stack = Server Side + Client Side Web Development:
• Python + Django = ♥
• RESTful APIs (consuming, designing, implementing)
• JavaScript
• Agile development / Extreme Programming
• Databases: Advanced SQL for PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQL Server
• GIS Development: PostGIS, Leaflet, Google Maps API
• Digital biodiversity and Taxonomy
• Platforms: Linux/BSD (Running on Ubuntu since 7.04)

Services I Give
Services I Give

Hackita” Project Leader at The Public Knowledge Workshop – Engaging and mentoring software developers with Open Source technologies.

Founder of 10x.org.il – Empowering Software Developers. Delivering on-site Python training in Israel, and the SuperBoocamp: 4 weeks of intensive python and web developer training.

Excellent acquaintance with the Internet world – Editor of the Hebrew category in the dmoz open directory project.

Other computer related interests:
Everything from fractals to semantic web and free open source software.

My courses
My courses
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