Tamir Huberman

Tamir Huberman

Media Expert & Public Speaker
Hi I'm Tamir, a Professional Speaker and Neuro Linguistic Trainer (NLP) with special expertise in Social Media (mainly in LinkedIn, XING, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) with a B2B orientation. I combine the power of both to boost dramatically the results that are usually achieved by using the Social Media.

I am a worldwide Professional Speaker and NLP expert with special expertise in Social Media. My main focus over the years is how to leverage the amazing power of Social Media and NLP to create outstanding results, both in Business and for Personal purposes (such as Finding a Dream Job). Further topics include: Business Strategy, Start-Up Formation, Business Intelligence, Marketing & Business Development.

Vast experience of over 20 years of Multi-disciplinary professional experience I have come to realize that ALL IS POSSIBLE if you are committed and willing to go the extra mile. I have been lucky enough to discover effective means of marketing using the power of Social Media. I also invented a totally new branch of Marketing which I call Social NLP (SNLP) which generates amazing results in establishing a strong RAPPORT (a bond between people and groups) with people across the globe.

You are welcome to get in touch as I am always interested meeting new and interesting professionals worldwide. You are also welcome to Follow my posts and add your comments.

Services I Give
Services I Give

I am VP Business Development & Director of IT @ Yissum – Technology Transfer Company of the Hebrew University. Experienced in formation of start-up companies and negotiating License deals with top tier software companies. I am also the Co-Founder of THI (The Huberman Insight) with my brother Avi which is the Co-Founder and CEO.

I am further a Director of ITTN, the Israeli Technology Transfer Organization Director at InnerEye and Observer at BriefCam. Prior to joining Yissum in 2004, I was the CEO & Founder of Artigon, part of the R&D team at Orgenics (AMEX: IMA) and the Head of IP and R&D at MedisEl.

Services that THI gives:

  • Lectures on LinkedIn
  • Lectures on NLP
  • Personal mentoring
  • Building Social Infrastructure – Profiles, Company pages etc’

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