Shay Rosen

Shay Rosen

Product Strategy and UX consultant
Hi, I'm Shay, Head of Strategic Consulting at Real Commerce and UX Instructor at Netcraft Academy.

I’m fascinated by the never ending world of opportunities folded in the web and mobile scene. I live and breathe new ideas, products, strategies and business models. I’m into creating the next generation of mobile internet products and marketing methods.

I’m a Strategists and digital customer experience expert, develop the digital world of companies and organizations. I define products, design websites, applications and channels, thinking on what’s best for the customer and the organization. I’m also a lecturer, mentor and adviser to the soul, 20-year industry and is still optimistic : )

Services I Give
Services I Give

My Specialties are:

* Mobile Internet
* Mobile content
* Mobile Advertising
* Online Marketing
* Product Management
* Strategic Planning
* Thorough technological understanding

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