Robert Pinchevsky

Robert Pinchevsky

CTO at Experis Software
Hi, I’m Robert, CTO at Experis-software. I have 13+ years of experience in various fields using OOP/OOD. I’m a developer, a SCRUM master, and a hard real-time and embedded technologist.

I acquire my experience with advanced technologies during my work in large companies, including AT & T, Comverse, Experis-Software, Radwin and Airspan.

  • Scrum master of Media engine team. Responsible for implementing and deliver products to our clients with all its content with zero bug approach.
  • Media engine development. Implementing and integrating audio/video algorithms in order to provide audio/video streams to application layer users. Working with standard protocols like RTP, SDP,SIP.
  • Hard real-time and embedded technologies with software interface towards hardware including hardware bring-up. TCP/IP and inter process communication. Multi-tasking and multi-threading based architectures.
  • My Specialties:
    – C/C++, C#, JAVA, SQL, HTML
    – Embedded Development on Windows/Linux/Mac/IOS/Android
    – Microsoft Visual Studio, Linux KDEs
    – TCP/UDP/IP family of protocols, 802.11g and 802.11n
Services I Give
Services I Give

I’m the CTO at Experis Software providing software development services, consulting and custom-tailored training to leading Hi-Tech companies in Israel.

We founded a unique and successful training program that has produced hundreds of professionals over the past 10 years. Experis Kickstart program is market oriented and is constantly updated by our technological mentors to answer market demands. The knowledge and practical experience acquired in the program, allow our graduates to apply for core development positions open only for developers with 2-3 years of experience.

In addition to our Kickstart program, we provide a wide variety of Custom Tailored Training in advanced technologies such as: Mobile, IOT, cloud computing, RT/Embedded, and many others.

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