Ofer Monar

Ofer Monar

Lead UX/UI Designer
Hi, I'm Ofer, Lead UX / UI Designer and Ph.D in Cognitive Psychologist. I consider myself a professional UI/UX expert with the soul of an artist and the curiosity of a scientist.

With over 9 years of experience in UCD in a variety of roles and over 10 years of academic background as a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology, I have gained profound knowledge about human beings as a whole and on user experience in particular.

I am a veteran lecturer, a thinker and a problem solver. My area of specialty is complex systems design and I consider myself a professional UX expert with the soul of an artist and the curiosity of a scientist. I am also the author of the e-book: “Interaction Psychology: Human experience

I have worked with large and small corporations including military, medical, financial, and commercial, always delivering UI and UX designs from research to detailed design. I am fully aware of product life cycle and fully capable of conducting user profiling, user task analysis, wire-framing, heuristics evaluation, prototype design, detailed design, mock-ups, and usability testing. I also posses extensive knowledge about human needs, wants, and emotional behaviors.

Services I Give
Services I Give

As a human factors expert I am extremely passionate about delivering innovative user experience driven interfaces. I thrive when faced with challenges and take joy in solving them. I enjoy exploring new fields of knowledge and specialize in complex systems.

My Skills:
− Information Architecture
− Wire Frames
− Prototypes
− Mock-ups
− User Scenarios
− User Persona’s
− User Workflows
− Usability Testing
− Usability Heuristics Evaluation
− Customer Presentation
− Detailed Design
− Tasks Analysis
− Research

• Profound analysis of user needs from a cognitive psychologist point of view.
• Analysis of complex systems.

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