Liran Ben Haim

Liran Ben Haim

Embedded & RT Expert
Co-Founder at and Co-Founder & CTO at Mabel Technology. I have more than 20 years of experience in software development using a variety of modern platforms

In the field of professional training, I teach courses on a wide range of subjects related to software development and helps high-tech professionals gain the tools and knowledge they need to take their skills to the next level. My main areas of expertise are software development courses, focused on embedded and real time products, embedded Linux, BSP/drivers/applications, web applications, mobile applications etc.

I’ve worked with top-tier technology companies including Elbit Systems, El-Op, Motorola, Intel, Raphael, Luminis and many more.

Services I Give
Services I Give

Mabel Technology specializes in software development, and operates through a variety of channels including: development, consulting, teaching and training

Software development on a wide variety of platforms:

Embedded Linux system development
Android-based system development
Biometric solutions development
Microsoft .NET based system development
IOS & OSX development
Embedded/Real time development

Consulting services in software development:

Choosing a development platform – hardware and software
Software architecture consulting
Development team guidance and troubleshooting help
Problem solving assistance
Code review

Training and placement of development teams based on the following process:

Customer requirements
Building a course of study
Conducting interviews of candidates
Training the employees
Placement in positions
Professional guidance for customer and employees is a B2B SaaS Marketplace & Network that makes the lives of business owners a little bit easier by helping them discover the tools & information required to grow their business.

Companies I Trained
Companies I Trained
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