Lior Friedman

Lior Friedman

Agile Coach, s/w Craftsman
I'm a full-fledged Agile Coach & co-founder of Practical Agile, with 15+ years of experience. In recent years I consult & train teams worldwide on how to improve software development.

With more than 15 years as an IT professional, Lior promotes agile values helping companies adopt these principles and adapt such practices into their own local context. After leading the development of cutting edge testing tools at Typemock Ltd. and helping numerous companies with their TDD implementation; he currently provides training, mentoring and high end consulting services to clients, (specializing in AUT, TDD and general agile transitions).

Lior has hands on experience in the following fields:
• Real Time/Embedded software
• Communication protocols
• Game Development
• High Availability Solutions
• development of Unit Testing tools

Services I Give
Services I Give

At Practical Agile we do Training, Coaching and Consulting for teams and organization, to help with their effort towards Agile transitions and organizational change.

Practical Agile is an expert in providing tools for Agile transition:
* How to promote a culture of retrospective in the organization
* How to challenge the organization to continually make adjustments to improve
* How to be aware of the process, not just blindly follow a set of rules

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