Jonny Levin

Jonathan Levin

Founder & CTO of Technologeeks
Jonathan Levin is a longtime trainer and consultant focusing on the system and kernel levels of the "Big Three: Windows, Linux, and OS X," as well as their mobile derivatives.

Jonathan is a technical trainer and consultant. He is the founder and CTO of, and the author of “OS X and iOS Internals“​, from (Wrox, 2012) – coming soon in an updated 2nd Edition for iOS 9 and OS X 10.11, and the author of “Android Internals” (TGPress, 2015). Jonathan develops and maintains specific internal tools for OS X, iOS, Linux and Android.


  • Operating System infrastructure: Aspects of Kernel & User mode programming, performance, debugging. Special focus on Mac OS X and iOS internals (having literally written the book), and Linux/Android Internals (with another book there as well)
  • Information Security: Architectures, Exploits, Computer forensics, Reverse Engineering
  • Network (IPv4/IPv6), Routing (MPLS/OSPF/BGP..), Application protocols (DNS, HTTP..)
  • Cryptography: Software implementation and analysis of encryption algorithms (AES, RSA, DH, ECC..) and protocols (SSL/TLS, IPSec..)
Services I Give
Services I Give

The Technologeeks are a group of experts devoted to tackling the toughest problems and most challenging technologies in software today.

Focusing on operating system internals and networking, we aim to deliver expert solutions for the Big Three (Windows, Linux and Mac OS), and the leading mobile derivatives – Android and iOS. We provide both training on demand, and serve as mentors or project managers.

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