Gábor Szabó

Gábor Szabó

Full stack trainer and contract (bug) killer
I write a lot of Perl and some Python code. I mostly use Git and Subversion. I help people write better code and solve they problems with Perl, Python and a number of other languages.

I’m an independent trainer and contract developer. I’ve been programming since the age of 15. Before becoming independent I held a number of different positions as System Administrator,  CM/Build engineer, and programmer.  Since I became self-employed I’ve been helping companies by implementing in-house web applications and various automated systems. I’ve been streamlining the development process at clients by introducing or improving configuration management and continuous integration. I helped several companies improving their code base.

I’ve been teaching programming since 2000. I’m frequent speaker at international conferences. I’ve been involved in several Open Source projects both as founder and as contributor.

Services I Give
Services I Give

I run the Perl Maven site which is the most popular Perl-related site today and the Code Maven site where I’m writing about everything else. The Perl Weekly is a newsletter including links to blog posts and other news items related to the Perl programming language. The newsletter is distributed once a week on Monday. Usually between 8-10 am GMT. You can subscriber on the Perl Weekly web site. I have started to develop Padre, the Perl IDE and I also run the Perl TV.

I Providing Training in: JavaScript, Perl, Python, Linux for Power Users, Networking, Databases (SQL & NoSQL), Test Automation, Version Control (Subversion, Git)

I like many areas of system administration and software development, but my favorite field is test automation. Some of the fields where we apply the above technologies:

• Web Application Development
• Test Automation and Quality Assurance (QA)
• System administration
• Database integration (SQL, NoSQL)
• Software Configuration Management (SCM)
• Version Control Systems (VCS)
• Continuous Integration (CI)
• Build system

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