Danny Shemesh

Danny Shemesh

Software Developer Expert
Hi, I'm Danny Shemesh. I'm an independent technical consultant, an IDF graduate, developer, researcher and a hacker from a young age.

I’m an expert in delivering smart solutions to software problems through research, development and training services. I’ve been a software developer at IDF dealing with some really cool and unique challenges : )

Here’s a list of what I’ve been up to the past few years:

  • Moderator and contributor in iopanel.net, the Israeli Overclocking community, a big time hardware enthusiast
  • C++ & Modern C++ developer, TMP, async, functional programming, you name it – I’m a hardcore C++ fan
  • Windows user mode development using WinApi, COM & WMI, .NET, MFC, and some more obscure windows technologies
  • Windows kernel development
  • Linux & bash scripting – customizing kernels, gentoos, LFS, and more. Used a variety of linux distributions for several years
  • Python general purpose development and testing
  • Windows batch automation
  • Server side web development: .NET MVC5, django, flask, twisted
  • Client side web programming: Responsive web app development using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript & jquery, bootstrap, foundation and angularjs
  • Node.js, automation, web scraping (phantom & casper js)
  • Event loop driven async programming
  • Reverse Engineering using IDA Pro & WinDbg
  • Security research
  • Network analysis using Wireshark
  • Penetration testing using public and private tools
  • GUI automation using AutoIt
  • C & (m)asm development
  • Effective use of source control environments, using SVN, TFS and Git
  • Agile, customer oriented work flow
  • Esxi, Workstation & VMCI – setups, automations and testing environments
  • Malware analysis
  • CTF and challenge solving, linux, windows, web and crypto challenges
  • Mobile development using Xamarin and web technologies
Services I Give
Services I Give

My services includes:

  • Application development
  • Browser plug-in development
  • Websites design and development
  • Software development projects
  • Training services
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