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Data Platform MVP
I'm the owner and CEO of Madeira SQL Server Services. I've been working with SQL Server for the nearly 20 years, leading development teams, supporting large-scale mission-critical production systems, and managing development and BI projects.
Agile Coach, s/w Craftsman
I'm a full-fledged Agile Coach & co-founder of Practical Agile, with 15+ years of experience. In recent years I consult & train teams worldwide on how to improve software development.
Head of Creative
Hi I'm Nir, Co-Founder at Resume Studio, Pro. Manager at Netcraft Academy and Chairman of the Graphic Design Association of Israel Graphic design.
Video Compression Expert
Yossi Cohen is a Video Architect, Developer and consultant. Leading video development from architecture and prototyping to optimization and production.
Co-Founder & VP R&D @ Panorays
I'm an enthusiastic FullStack Software engineer. I love to deal with software architecture, research new and innovative technologies and love to handle complex problems.
Cloud Security evangelist
Hi, I'm Moshe Ferber, an information security entrepreneur and a public lecturer, with over 20 years of experience in various industries and leading positions.
R Expert and Data Scientist
Hi, I'm a Data Scientist, R Expert and Interdisciplinary scholar. I love data and I use my background to understand and uncover the story behind the numbers.
Cloud and Spark Expert
Hi, I'm Tal Franji, Big Data instructor at InterBit Training. Advising start-ups & ad-tech companies. Been VP R&D of several companies. Love to program in any language.
Software Design Geek
Always seeking for better software design and better code. Always looking to improve the development process.
Cyber Security for SCADA
SCADA and Cyber Security Expert providing SCADA training and Cyber Defense for SCADA solutions in the areas of Industrial Control integration which are upgraded with Cyber Security.
Data Professional
I love the opportunity to learn something new every day and I love how the SQL SERVER engine always has a trick up its sleeve. 
DevOps Expert
Experienced Devops, passionate about Technology but understands people, tools and how to combine them to make everything work seamlessly.
IT & DevOps Expert
Doron brings vast experience and knowledge in most IT & DevOps fields backed up by 24 years serving as a technical leader in many organizations such as: IBM, Trusteer, Amobee, Netapp, Teva, Malam, Bynet, Amdocs, BMC, Rafeal, Intel and Mamram (IDF).
Scale Hacker
Moshe Kaplan is an expert in management, design, development, infrastructure, data and security of high load software projects.
UX Consultant
Designing UI from strategy and concept to detailed interactions in a variety of fields like security and Enterprise-IT applications as well as commercial websites.
DevOps Expert
I specialize in helping B2B startups address scaling problems by adopting Docker and Kubernetes.
Data Professional
Working in the data sector is something that I love to do; there is always new field to explore and something new to learn. With this knowledge I can personally customized the right solution for each of our clients.
VMware Expert
Business Oriented Technology with 15 years’ experience of building and managing Microsoft systems and VMware infra, from the design goals and finalizing by hands on.
Full stack trainer and contract (bug) killer
I write a lot of Perl and some Python code. I mostly use Git and Subversion. I help people write better code and solve they problems with Perl, Python and a number of other languages.
DevOps Engineer
Consultant for business critical computing systems. Over the last decade I've been helping IT and Development teams to learn, design & deploy advanced application infrastructure.
VP User Experience
Ofer is leading the agency's UX vision and methodology at Netcraft Israel. He is managing a team of user experience specialists and graphic designers.
Consultant & Entrepreneur
Eyal Rubin has been the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of 1 2 3 Completed since January 2009. Eyal brings more than 20 years of experience in enterprise application infrastructures and professional services.
Search and BigData Expert
Itamar is a Search and BigData technologies expert, Elasticsearch Consulting Partner, and a frequent speaker at international conferences.
Python and Go Expert
Miki Tebeka is a world Python expert with about two decades of providing simple working solutions.
Senior Consultant & Trainer
Hi, I'm Yaniv, a Senior Consultant & Trainer (6000 graduates, 400 courses), A business oriented technologist with more then 20 years of experience in the IT world. Some kind of a combination of a Hands-On tech dude, a Software Architect, A trainer & speaker, a geek and a bold man...
Big Data Architect
Hi, I'm Daniel Haviv, Big Data Architect at Veracity, solving big data challenges to various companies and a certified Cloudera instructor at InterBit Training.
Geek turned Agile coach
Elad is first and foremost a SW engineer, Several years ago he was infected with the agile virus and has not been able to “shake the disease” ever since.
Hi, I’m Haim Deutsch, the founder of Agile Spirit, and a Technion graduate in computer science, specialization in project management.
Founder & CTO of Technologeeks
Jonathan Levin is a longtime trainer and consultant focusing on the system and kernel levels of the "Big Three: Windows, Linux, and OS X," as well as their mobile derivatives.
Data/Telco Network Expert
CTO and Owner at NDI Communications Ltd. Yoram specializes in designing and implementing comprehensive Data Network and IP Telephony systems
Microsoft Debugging Expert
Hi, I'm Israel Burman, for several years I have been training ISVs on advanced debugging techniques, both for native and managed code, as well as advanced performance troubleshooting techniques.
Head of Java & Open Source
With over 12 years in SW industry, I possess a rich and prolific experience of planning and leading to success highly complicated SW Management projects.
CEO at Tracston LTD. & Founder and Partner at Centerity Systems Inc. More than 25 years of expertise in IT architectures and development delivering wide range of solutions to various type of customers from SMB's to large scale enterprise environments including Windows, Linux, Solaris, Cloud, Big Data and more.
Cyber & Automation Expert
Hi, I'm Yoav Levenson, Co-Founder & Director of Training at Practis, a unique and agile hi-tech training and consulting company.
Head of AngularJS
Hi, I’m Nir Kaufman, head of AngularJS Development @ 500Tech. I’m continuously seeking for ways to improve code, learn new technologies and keeping things fresh.
Co-Founder & CEO
Co-Founder and CEO at 500Tech, Israel's leading AngularJS consultancy, providing end to end solutions: AngularJS Courses & training; On site consulting (startups and enterprise)
Agile Coach & Lean Expert
Hi, I'm Ilan, a seasoned software professional with 20+ years of experience. Having discovered SCRUM & Agile a few years ago I developed a new passion for advocating agility through coaching and training.
Senior Software Architect
Hi, I'm Israel Olcha, Senior Architect at Sela group. with up-to 20 year of experience in developing and managing small/medium R&D groups.
Media Expert & Public Speaker
Hi I'm Tamir, a Professional Speaker and Neuro Linguistic Trainer (NLP) with special expertise in Social Media (mainly in LinkedIn, XING, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) with a B2B orientation. I combine the power of both to boost dramatically the results that are usually achieved by using the Social Media.
Lead UX/UI Designer
Hi, I'm Ofer, Lead UX / UI Designer and Ph.D in Cognitive Psychologist. I consider myself a professional UI/UX expert with the soul of an artist and the curiosity of a scientist.
Network Specialist & DevOps
Hi, I’m Idan, CEO and Founder at Net4U College, delivering hands-on training on networking technologies, virtualization and more.
Full stack JavaScript Guru
Hi, I'm Yariv but everyone calls me Ajar, since usually I keep the door Ajar for something interesting... I’m a senior technologist and have been a tech lecturer for 10 years.
Software Developer Expert
Hi, I'm Danny Shemesh. I'm an independent technical consultant, an IDF graduate, developer, researcher and a hacker from a young age.
QA Manager & Trainer
Koby Yonasi is a QA Manager and Trainer. Kobi has extensive experience and strong understanding of Software Development Lifecycle.
Lean-Agile Software Consultant
I'm a speaker, blogger, trainer and practitioner of agile practices, both technical and procedural. I've been elbow deep in TDD and automated unit testing.
Security Specialist
Hi, I am Daniel Krivelevich, an information security specialist focusing primarily on application and infrastructure security with background in the fields of penetration testing and enterprise cloud security.
Data & Analytics Expert
Ronen Fidel, Head of Data management at Prime Gaming, Certified Cloudera instructor, delivering Big Data courses at InterBit Training.
Data & Analytics Expert
Yohan is the mind behind DataToCapital, a leading consulting firm specialized in the Business Intelligence and Big Data spaces. He spent the past two decades working for software giants (Oracle, Sun Microsystems, NDS/Cisco) on data intensive software projects.
Digital Marketing Expert
Hi, I'm Adi Adler, founder of "Adi Adler Digital Consulting", a Public Speaker, Digital Marketing Innovations consultant and a "Growth Hacker".
R&D Development Manager
I have over 10 years of extensive professional experience in software architecture, development and technical team leadership, bringing products from concept to release.
Data Network Expert
Hi, I’m Ben, IP Data Networks and Transmission Expert. Founder of Net4U College, delivering hands-on training on networking technologies, virtualization and more.
R&D, System Analysis & Design
Hi, I'm Ilan Dembinsky, senior instructor at InterBit Training, a Software consultant and a system designer. I'm the Founder & VP IT at KnowEdge, Integrating complex projects as an R&D manager.
CTO at Experis Software
Hi, I’m Robert, CTO at Experis-software. I have 13+ years of experience in various fields using OOP/OOD. I’m a developer, a SCRUM master, and a hard real-time and embedded technologist.
UX/UI specialist
Though I've started as a developer in the IDF, I've slowly shifted over the years toward product design and user behavior analysis which I find much more exciting and creative.
Cloud Developer Expert
Vadim is the founding partner of DoIT International. Vadim helped many companies to realize their cloud dreams into fully developed deployments of Google Cloud Platforms.
Head of R&D
Hi, I'm Ben Arbel, Head of R&D @ Credorax and Senior Java Instructor at InterBit. I've vast experience leading development groups (hands-on), mostly server-side Java but also C#, C++ Web and client side java.
Virtualization Expert
Co-founder and CTO at EverCloud. I have extensive knowledge in the virtualization & data center management area, having implemented significant roll outs over the past few years
Chief of Technology
Hi I'm Yaron, the founder and CTO at MisterBIT, with 20+ years of experience in building scalable & secure software. Currently excited about running JavaScript everywhere!
Chief UX Engineer
A Front-End and UX geek and stay up-to-date with all that's new in our field, be it a new framework or design trend, and also cherish the history and the people behind it.
Passionate Web Developer and Educator
Hi, I'm Udi, a father, an autodidact, a hacker, a geek and a Mentor. I'm currently focusing on mentoring junior software developers to the exciting field of software & web development.
Data & BI Team Leader
Hi I'm Ram Kedem, Database expert with extensive knowledge in Oracle, MS-SQL Server and Big Data/Hadoop. I'm very passionate about making a difference in the world through teaching, and nowadays divide my time between teaching different courses, providing technical consultations and acquiring new knowledge.
Development Leader
Hi, I'm Eran Hadas, a programmer, poet and new media artist. I've build computer based poetry generators that utilize the internet for their input.
Cloud Architecture Expert
An enthusiastic software engineer for over 15 years. I’ve worked in different roles (developer, manager, architect, instructor), on various tech stacks and with colleagues all over the world.
Consultant & Entrepreneur
Eyal was nominated as MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) for 9 years in a row. The title was given to him based on the contribution to the developers and technical community through lectures, conferences, open house events, blog posts and free tools.
Big Data and Data Scientist
Hi-tech entrepreneur with over 27 years of experience in the software industry. Adjunct Lecturer specializing in big data analytics and data science at Tel Aviv University.
Embedded & RT Expert
Co-Founder at and Co-Founder & CTO at Mabel Technology. I have more than 20 years of experience in software development using a variety of modern platforms
CTO @ Madeira Data Solutions
I'm the CTO of Madeira Data Solutions. I've been working with SQL Server for the past 13 years, and I'm passionate about SQL Server, databases and technology.
Full Stack Expert & Git Guru
With more than 20 years of experience as Front End, Full stack, IOS/Android Developer and more I still have the light in the eyes to learn something new every day.
Developer and System Architect
Experienced developer and architect, specializing in building high-scale enterprise solutions, from whiteboard brainstorming to hands-on coding.
Front-End Team leader
I'm Shem and I really love programming, quick in learning new things and trying to master them perfectly. I appreciate well structured code, and love spreading my acquired knowledge to others.
Product Strategy and UX consultant
Hi, I'm Shay, Head of Strategic Consulting at Real Commerce and UX Instructor at Netcraft Academy.
Senior Cloud Architect
Hi, I'm Orgad Kimchi, Senior Cloud Architect at Red Hat. I'm a Virtualization and Cloud computing expert with 15 years of professional experience from Hi-Tech companies.
DevOps Evangelist & Enabler
I've been building and delivering software for the last 15 years. I've helped establish Continuous Delivery and DevOps practices in various enterprise and startup companies and I love speaking about this stuff.
Entrepreneur and Software Consultant
Hi I'm Ron Munitz, an entrepreneur, manager, consultant and a public speaker. Founder of PSCG & Nubo. Currently excited to offer the most up-to-date Android Marshmallow training.
Cloud Development Expert
Hi, I'm Assaf Kamil, Founder and CEO of Wiseman Software, Cloud Development Expert, Entrepreneur and Senior Instructor at InterBit Training.
Application Security Expert
Erez Metula is a world renowned application security expert, spending most of his time finding software vulnerabilities and teaching developers how they should avoid them
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