IBM Datapalooza comes to Israel!

Datapalooza is a two days immersive experience for the data science, data engineering and application development community. Spend some quality hands-on with other aspiring data proffesionals and experts from leading research institutes and others like you to create inspirational data products.

IBM Datapalooza 2016 is an amazing 2 days of learning how to become a data innovator.

Data Science and Engineering | Data Application Development

Pick the track that fits you

Data Science & Engineering

Build foundational knowledge around data variables, models and scoring methods with a compilation of courses focused around hot topics such as Recommendation Algorithms, Machine Learning Capabilities, Full-Text & Geospatial Search. Learn how to create beautifully designed data products and a suite of data engineering skills in the areas of data wrangling, data munging and data pipelines.

Data App Development

What makes Datapalooza unique? Our instructors will tie together sessions from our Data Engineering and Data Science courses to help you bridge the gap between analyze, build and deploy.
These courses are focused around application framework, product launches, storytelling and data visualization. Featured data products are at the core of our curriculum.

So What’s the Plan?

We have speakers from Nutrino, Genius Systems, IBM & more, that’ll cover a wide range of topics:

Machine Learning & Predictive Modelling | Introducing Apache Spark | IoT App Development in Practice | Real-Time Analytics

with Streaming Data | Enhance Your data Science with R on Spark | Accelerated Cloud Development with Angualr 2 & NodeJS

** If that’s not enough, we’ll also have a live show by Jane Bordeaux!

This is a FREE event but registration is required

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