From Sys Admin to DevOps in just 7 Months

InterBit Training | DevOps Engineer Bootcamp | Duration: 200 hours

What is DevOps?

DevOps is about collaboration, communication and integration between development teams and IT operations teams with the objective to deliver faster and more reliable software products and services to the business.

DevOps is a software development method that stresses communication, collaboration, integration, automation, and measurement of cooperation between software developers and IT operational (“ops”) personnel for the purpose of creating and delivering software applications to their users.

DevOps Engineer Bootcamp

In a DevOps world, software is released faster. Companies need many identical servers, spawning Configuration Management tools. Developers need to know Operations skills. Ops need to know development skills to minimize wasted resources and to improve security.

Interbit Training – your Road to DevOps

Interbit Training is proud to present the new DevOps Engineer Bootcamp, 7 months learning track to support the IT roles for the modern enterprise. Interbit’s DevOps Engineer Bootcamp is focused towards the emerging and growing needs of IT professionals and organizations worldwide.

What will you Learn?

Ops Foundations: Linux OS | Shell Script | Linux System Administration | Networking | Security

Introduction to DevOps

Core Technologies for DevOps: Web Architecture | Scaling | Python programming | Git | Databases | Testing

Continuous Integration with Jenkins

Configuration Management: Infrastructure as a Code | Puppet

Continuous Deployment with Docker

Cloud Infrastructure and AWS

On-Going Project

Bootcamp Starts on December 26, 2016

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