Modern Web Tech – 2017

React, Angular 2, Redux, ES6, TypeScript and Webpack

This workshop serves as an introduction to Web Development technologies used in 2016. We will cover the common tools and frameworks and discuss the pros and cons of each tool and their differences both on the technical and practical levels. The tools covered include the Webpack build tool and the main language competitors of ES6 and TypeScript. On the frontend side, we will discuss React, Angular 2 and Redux.

By the end of this seminar, attendees will understand the rationale behind each tool and framework and how they fit into modern Web projects.

Modern Coding and Angular 2

JavaScript is everywhere these days and writing large scale applications with it has been through much progress. In this 1 day workshop we progress through a set of power sessions and get our hands on the practical usage of Angular 2, Typescript, Reactive programming using Observables, and more.

This seminar is for technical managers and decision makers. The seminar topics are intuitively presented in order to understand the basic concepts and be able to professionally communicate with development teams.

Introduction to BigData and Cloud Technologies

– How can we process large volumes of data?
– How to deal with a massive stream of events coming at high velocity?
– What really is BigData? and how can Clouds help?

The topics of BigData and Cloud technologies are being mentioned a lot, but it’s hard to start learning without knowing where to start. Join our internationally renowned instructors for a full day packed of knowledge sharing. Let us give you an overview with short deep-dives into the vast landscapes of BigData, everything you need to get started with the technologies that changed the world.

Equipped with real-world examples and use-cases, by the end of this workshop BigData should stop being a buzzword to you.

R&D Management – The Agile Way

We all write code, from morning to night, but how much time we really spend on quality code, effectiveness and planning? What are the ways in which we can bring new ideas and refreshing daily routine to make the final product not only work better but also make us enjoy the trip.

  • Want to be a better programmer? Lead your development team in more efficient manner?
  • Want to increase the motivation of your employees easily using fresh ideas in your normal routine?
  • Want to save time and reduce development costs of integration / environment upgrade?

If you answered yes to one or more questions, let’s see how you can do it with valuable tips and focused on the most essential problems relating to the development and management.

This course introduces the tools and methodologies we can use for new developers to focus on writing great code, senior developer to serve as an example, architects to look for new ways, team leaders to develop mentorship skills and monitor the quality of code.

Video Trends 2016

This one day course presents the latest trends and innovations in video technologies. Participants will learn about the High Efficiency Video Coding standard (HEVC, also known as H.265), Video Advertisement, and Live Broadcast, Coding techniques, Deep Learning and more.

The Video Trends 2016 course is aimed at: Technical Managers, Project/Product Managers, Engineers, Developers and actually to anyone who wish to understand future video innovation and trends.

Building Apps for Future Generations

The software development has changed drastically, we are now expected to deliver a responsive (to mobile), fast, flawless products that can scale both from perspective of users, and development teams.

For us as managers, this means keeping up with the never ending journey of top technologies so we can lead, and communicate with developers understanding both their pains and their gains.

LinkedIn Workshop for Senior Executives

While most senior professionals are on LinkedIn, many will admit they are not using it effectively. As a senior executive you must know how to build your network and use it to grow your business.

In this workshop Tamir Huberman will reveal the potential of LinkedIn and present strategies & lead generation techniques that can be applied immediately in order to build a powerful corporate brand.

Introduction to Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is rapidly evolving, driven by the need to get real insights from data and by the transfer of infrastructure, applications, and data to the cloud, and decreasing investments in legacy systems. In this seminar we’ll explore the principles of Cloud computing from a theoretical perspective using real world case studies.

This seminar is targeted to technical managers who wish to have a deeper understanding of what cloud computing is, the opportunities and risks in private/public clouds, and major cloud providers.

Open Source Development Model

The Open Source Development Model course is designed for Executives, developers new to open source methodologies, SCRUM masters, and team leaders.
In this course, we will teach the good, the bad, and the ugly of Open Source development. We will discuss what is Open Source, how to make it your best friend, how to avoid making it your worst enemy, and how to properly apply industry standard Open Source development in your organization culture.

Cloud Computing Security Knowledge (CCSK) foundation

Security is a major challenge for the adoption of Cloud Computing. IT decision makers must considered the risk factors associated with cloud migration, in both private and public clouds, and adopt proper measures. In order to help organizations manage cloud risks correctly and understand the different security aspects of cloud security – we recommend taking the CCSK training (Cloud Computing Security Knowledge).
The Cloud Computing Security Knowledge – Foundation class provides students a comprehensive one day review of cloud security fundamentals. The class aims to educate students regarding the different risks, issues and technologies relevant to cloud computing. During the class we will review the different aspects of cloud computing starting from legal, compliance, and risk management and up to Identity management and technology tools relevant to cloud environments.