Introduction to the Less Framework

The Introduction to LeSS – Large Scale Scrum framework, provides a peek into the Large Scale Scrum framework used by many global enterprises and companies. LeSS is packed with proven advice and practices for achieving value fast on large and complex projects. It provides a start-to-finish approach for large initiatives across the entire project spectrum and lifecycle.

This course is aimed at Scrum masters, Agile coaches, managers and team members who are involved in large agile project and development initiatives.

Modern Web Tech – 2017

React, Angular 2, Redux, ES6, TypeScript and Webpack

This workshop serves as an introduction to Web Development technologies used in 2016. We will cover the common tools and frameworks and discuss the pros and cons of each tool and their differences both on the technical and practical levels. The tools covered include the Webpack build tool and the main language competitors of ES6 and TypeScript. On the frontend side, we will discuss React, Angular 2 and Redux.

By the end of this seminar, attendees will understand the rationale behind each tool and framework and how they fit into modern Web projects.

Modern Coding and Angular 2

JavaScript is everywhere these days and writing large scale applications with it has been through much progress. In this 1 day workshop we progress through a set of power sessions and get our hands on the practical usage of Angular 2, Typescript, Reactive programming using Observables, and more.

This seminar is for technical managers and decision makers. The seminar topics are intuitively presented in order to understand the basic concepts and be able to professionally communicate with development teams.

Introduction to BigData and Cloud Technologies

– How can we process large volumes of data?
– How to deal with a massive stream of events coming at high velocity?
– What really is BigData? and how can Clouds help?

The topics of BigData and Cloud technologies are being mentioned a lot, but it’s hard to start learning without knowing where to start. Join our internationally renowned instructors for a full day packed of knowledge sharing. Let us give you an overview with short deep-dives into the vast landscapes of BigData, everything you need to get started with the technologies that changed the world.

Equipped with real-world examples and use-cases, by the end of this workshop BigData should stop being a buzzword to you.

R&D Management – The Agile Way

We all write code, from morning to night, but how much time we really spend on quality code, effectiveness and planning? What are the ways in which we can bring new ideas and refreshing daily routine to make the final product not only work better but also make us enjoy the trip.

  • Want to be a better programmer? Lead your development team in more efficient manner?
  • Want to increase the motivation of your employees easily using fresh ideas in your normal routine?
  • Want to save time and reduce development costs of integration / environment upgrade?

If you answered yes to one or more questions, let’s see how you can do it with valuable tips and focused on the most essential problems relating to the development and management.

This course introduces the tools and methodologies we can use for new developers to focus on writing great code, senior developer to serve as an example, architects to look for new ways, team leaders to develop mentorship skills and monitor the quality of code.

Agile Requirements – Writing Effective User Stories

Too many organizational books dictate a one-size-fits-all approach to organizational improvement, or are centered on American or European social values. Instead of delivering hollow promises, organizational patterns deliver tools suitable to analyzing your organization’s strengths and weaknesses and building on small, simple, but sound and proven practices, as a foundation for improving an Israeli software development organization.

The course introduces the source of organizational patterns in popular use today, and engages students in a mock organizational study to deepen their knowledge of the patterns. We then debrief these studies and investigate applicable patterns one by one. All in all, the course covers over 30 crucial organizational patterns. The day ends in practical, concrete conclusions for each student and an action plan to continue the process at home.

Large Scale Scrum – Certified LeSS Practitioner

practitionerThe Certified LeSS Practitioner Principles to Practices course provides the most practical and actionable approach to creating value through the scaling of Scrum related Agile in global enterprises and distributed teams.  Click here for

LeSS is packed with proven advice and practices for achieving value fast on large and complex projects. It provides a start-to-finish approach for large initiatives across the entire project spectrum and lifecycle, starting from sprint planning to retrospective.

The LeSS framework enables the scaling of:

• Scrum for large-scale projects
• Requirements, planning, and product management
• Design and architecture
• Management of defects and interruptions
• Scrum across multisite and offshore projects
• Change strategies and organizational designs

Video Trends 2016

This one day course presents the latest trends and innovations in video technologies. Participants will learn about the High Efficiency Video Coding standard (HEVC, also known as H.265), Video Advertisement, and Live Broadcast, Coding techniques, Deep Learning and more.

The Video Trends 2016 course is aimed at: Technical Managers, Project/Product Managers, Engineers, Developers and actually to anyone who wish to understand future video innovation and trends.

Building Apps for Future Generations

The software development has changed drastically, we are now expected to deliver a responsive (to mobile), fast, flawless products that can scale both from perspective of users, and development teams.

For us as managers, this means keeping up with the never ending journey of top technologies so we can lead, and communicate with developers understanding both their pains and their gains.

LinkedIn Workshop for Senior Executives

While most senior professionals are on LinkedIn, many will admit they are not using it effectively. As a senior executive you must know how to build your network and use it to grow your business.

In this workshop Tamir Huberman will reveal the potential of LinkedIn and present strategies & lead generation techniques that can be applied immediately in order to build a powerful corporate brand.

Cloud and Web-based Application Security Foundation

As more companies develop their own software on top of cloud services, the importance of embedding security considerations early into the project lifecycle rises. Good security practices can be the difference between a successful projects or grand failures. Integrating good security practices early as possible can result in better software assurance, resilience and users experience while neglecting them can lead to various sad endings.

This security workshop was created to provide useful security information for professional who wish to better understand the challenges facing companies developing their workloads on top of cloud infrastructure. This workshop is for software developers, product managers, architects, operations & DevOps, IT and QA.

Web Application Security Foundation

Security is one of the most important requirements of any application and Web Application developers face some of the largest security risks. The Open Web Application Security Project gives us the OWASP Top 10 to help guide the secure development of online applications and defend against these threats.

This security workshop was created for developers who wish to better understand the risks associated with web application developmentand explore useful tools to protect the organization against them.

Target audience and Prerequisites:
Software developers, product managers, architects, operations & devops, IT and QA

Advanced Query Tuning in SQL Server

This course teaches performance tuning of queries from a practical point of view. It includes a series of case studies, each demonstrating a different issue that requires performance tuning. Each case study serves as an opportunity to learn a new topic and to demonstrate the tuning approach.
The course is based on SQL Server 2014, but it is relevant also for SQL Server 2008/R2/2012.

AWS Business Essentials

AWS Business Essentials helps IT business leaders and professionals understand the benefits of cloud computing and how a cloud strategy can help you meet your business objectives.

In this course we discuss the advantages of cloud computing for your business and the fundamentals of AWS, including financial benefits. This course also introduces you to successful cloud adoption frameworks so to help you consider the AWS platform within your cloud computing strategy.

Cloud Business and Marketing Strategies

The Cloud changes the way organizations work. Cloud has already disrupted a long list of industries from media to taxi drivers and it will shape the world we are living in it: health, education, transportation and agriculture are among the industries that are going to change.
These changes happen due to technological shifts we face these days: virtualization that enabled on demand cloud operators; On demand computing lowered the barrier for new enterprises to enter markets; mobile devices increased the usage of internet and created a long list of location based applications; big data solutions enabled us processing huge amounts of data and that enabled new ventures to present new business models based on aggregated insights.

We will present in this course how these changes enables us create new innovative business models, how can we create bigger value to our current customers and create new value to new customers.
The course includes a complete overview of cloud product lifecycle based on the industry best practices: product incubation, pricing, commercial models, funnel design, the launch process, user acquisition, customer retention and up sale.

Note: This course is an overview of the field from the business prospective rather than technical prospective and can be adjusted based on customer needs.

SCADA & Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructure Protection

Training Class for SCADA & Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructure Protection & Access Management

Advanced Agile Programming

Agile is about working software. And there wouldn’t be software if we stopped coding, so we dedicated this workshop to the coding craftsman, and those who aspire to become one.
This is an opportunity to learn about different ways to code, experience them, and hopefully taste enough so you can take them back to your office and start using them. We’ll explore different techniques: Starting from Kent Beck’s simple design principles, going through a bunch of code smells, identifying and fixing them. We’ll talk about the Mikado method, and use it for refactoring, and we’ll even discuss the Transformation Priority Premise, a new concept that may alter the way we think about Test Driven Development.

Pick any language, as long as your IDE carries it. You can even switch languages to see what works for you better. This is deliberate practice at its best.

In this 1 day training participants will get familiar with the technical skills and expertise that every team needs in order to truly be successful transitioning to Agile. From Build automation via TDD and ATDD all the way to continuous deployment, just changing how we manage our projects is not enough. To consistently deliver working software at high speeds, we need to improve the way we write code.

Personal Agility Workshop

Are you or people in your organization feeling overwhelmed with their workload? Do they feel they are not getting the results they want from the actions they are taking? Does everything seem urgently important?

The workshop is lively, interactive, with lots of variety to maximize learning potential. Gerry Kirk, Jim Benson and Yves Hanoulle originally designed this session using Training From the Back of the Room approach, which uses brain science principles for how adults learn, We at practical Agile are very happy to have trained this workshop with Yves Hanoulle and are now offering it as part of our services, we do this with the blessing of Jim, Gerry and Yves.

If you have been wanting to learn more about personal Kanban, this workshop is for you. Participants will apply Kanban and other techniques to manage their own work, and by extension to teams. Each person will design and learn how to use their own activity board.

Practical Scrum

This course is a 2 day training with a goal to explain the what how and why do we do Scrum. The course will go through all of the major topics related to scrum including: Agile, the Scrum framework, self organizing teams and engineering practices that are common for Scrum teams.
In addition to the theoretical know-how that we will cover, a lot of exercises and discussions will take place in order to get a feel of things. During those two days, the participants will gradually simulate a real Scrum project with all of it’s aspects (except the actual coding).

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Advanced Agile Product Owner Workshop

∗ Does it seem that the team never understands what you mean?
∗ Having a hard time splitting user stories to shippable items?
∗ Struggling with predicting when will we reach the deadline?
∗ Having a hard time with prioritization of requirements?

If the answer to the questions above is yes, you may want to attend this workshop.
The Agile product owner workshop is 1 a day experiential training. This workshop will provide a better and deeper understanding of the Agile Product owner role which will help the PO to improve his efficiency resulting in a better product.

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Note: This is a general syllabus and in case of an in-house training, it is possible to make the necessary adjustments to make it more appropriate for your organization’s specific needs.

Advanced Scrum Master Workshop

The Advanced Scrum master workshop is a 1 day workshop that can be added on top of the Scrum training or done separately, unlike the Practical scrum training which is targeted for all roles in Scrum, this workshop will provide a toolkit for daily work of the new and experienced Scrum masters.

Is this the right workshop for you? Click here to find out!

Note: This is a general syllabus and in case of an in-house training, it is possible to make the necessary adjustments to make it more appropriate for your organization’s specific needs.

Introduction to Agile

This is a one day training targeted to any number of people. It provides an entry level introduction to Agile software development.

During this day the participants gain a good understanding of Agile, it’s roots and history & the motivation to become an agile organization. Beyond understanding “the why of Agile”, when the day is over the participants will have knowledge about several agile methodologies and several agile engineering and project management practices.

Introduction to Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is rapidly evolving, driven by the need to get real insights from data and by the transfer of infrastructure, applications, and data to the cloud, and decreasing investments in legacy systems. In this seminar we’ll explore the principles of Cloud computing from a theoretical perspective using real world case studies.

This seminar is targeted to technical managers who wish to have a deeper understanding of what cloud computing is, the opportunities and risks in private/public clouds, and major cloud providers.

Open Source Development Model

The Open Source Development Model course is designed for Executives, developers new to open source methodologies, SCRUM masters, and team leaders.
In this course, we will teach the good, the bad, and the ugly of Open Source development. We will discuss what is Open Source, how to make it your best friend, how to avoid making it your worst enemy, and how to properly apply industry standard Open Source development in your organization culture.

DevOps Engineering

DevOps is a methodology of delivering software solutions in a continuous manner based on lean and agile practices. DevOps is a cross-team software delivery model that tries to promote collaboration among all stakeholders.
DevOps Engineer course introduces the core DevOps concepts and principles as well as the ways to get started the DevOps practice in your organization. Upon completion of this training course, students will have fundamental understanding of DevOps value proposition and also gain practical experience working with select DevOps tools.

Management Workshop by Case Study

** Are you born to be a software development manager, or is it something you can learn?
** What they forgot to teach us when we’ve finished university?
** Why is everyone talking about SCRUM and why it doesn’t fit them all?

This workshop presents the tips, tricks and secrets that every software development manager needs! How to build a strategy? How to bridge strategy and the day to day work? Should we focus on rapid development or efficiently using our budget? and how it’s related to the organization that we are in?
What can we learn from Google’s and Facebook management methods? How methodologies like SCRUM, Agile, Continuous Deployment and classic project management fit into each other, and what of those suits you if any? How do we make a project to be managed on its own? How to avoid Micro Management and how to deal with crises?

During the workshop we’ll discuss those issues, and learn together how to become better development managers. The workshop includes theoretical parts along with use-case  practices in which each team will be required to select the appropriate management method that suites the business challenges.