Video Trends 2016

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Video Trends 2016


This one day course presents the latest trends and innovations in video technologies. Participants will learn about the High Efficiency Video Coding standard (HEVC, also known as H.265), Video Advertisement, and Live Broadcast, Coding techniques, Deep Learning and more.

The Video Trends 2016 course is aimed at: Technical Managers, Project/Product Managers, Engineers, Developers and actually to anyone who wish to understand future video innovation and trends.

Course Topics

Video Coding Innovation and Trends

  • Resolutions (8K / 4K)
  • Improved color coding
  • Better CPU / Larger ASIC / Parallelization
  • Live Video revolution ( facebook, periscope)
  • Screen and Game broadcast (Twitch YTGaming)
  • 360 and VR Video (Oculus)

HEVC Features for Market Trends

  • HEVC & Larger resolutions
  • HEVC & Improved color
  • HEVC & low delay / parallelization
  • HEVC 2016 encoding (X86 & ARM)

Video Advertisement

  • The challenges
  • The Standards

Live Video Broadcast

  • Live Video broadcast on Periscope
  • Facebook Live video

Screen and Game Coding Techniques

  • Twitch and Amazon Gameloft service
  • YTGaming – How it works
  • Screen sharing over Wifi (miracast)


  • Short introduction to WebRTC protocols

360 and VR Video

  • Standard capture & coding for 360/VR coding
  • New facebook 360 & VR Video coding & Open source

Video understanding and Deep Learning

  • Deep learning services for image and video understanding



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