THE NEW Methods SEO 2016

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THE NEW Methods SEO 2016


The new era of SEO requires multi-disciplinary knowledge. Google has changed the rules of the game, affecting the ability to globally promote by previously used methods.
The ability to promote and optimize your site’s presence in search engines organically anywhere in the world, in any language is the biggest power a person or business can have and it is in the main, via Google. This ability enables you to make a living in one of the most sought after areas in the industry

Today every major company from ebay, Airbnb, dropbox, 888 to name but a few, have whole departments of professionals working to achieve the first magic result in Google for their keyword. SEO is a must for any Web Developer and for anyone in promotion and web marketing.


SEO is a must for any Web Developer and for anyone in promotion and web marketing.

• No technical background is required.
• Only knowledge of English and the ability to learn independently is needed

The course framework is adapted to the needs of your organization or company.

Course Topics

START – Internet and Search Engine Basics
Internet Marketing
• Importance of Internet Marketing
• Types of Internet Marketing Methods
• Importance of Search Engines
• SEO is an Art or Science
• How the search engine works?

2 – Understanding the SERP
Using Search Operators
• Google Search Engine Architecture
• Search Engine Algorithms
• Google Algorithm Updates
• Page Rank Technology
• Panda Update and its Importance
• Latest Updates about SEO Algorithms
• Google Web Masters Tools
• Keywords Research and Analysis
• Introduction to Keyword Research
• Business Analysis
• Types of Keywords
• Keyword Research Methodology
• Keywords Analysis Tools
• Competition Analysis
• Preparing a Keyword List for Project
• Localized Keywords Research

3 – On-Page Optimization (Onsite)
• Usability and User Experience in Website
• Onsite Optimization Basics
• Importance of Domain Names and Value
• Domain Selection
• Website Structure and Navigation Menu Optimization
• Coding Best Practices
• Filename Optimization
• Title Tag Optimization
• Keywords
• Keyword Density Analysis
• Keywords Research in Various Search Engines
• Meta Tags
• Meta Tags Optimization
• Headers Optimization
• SEO Content Writing
• Optimizing SEO content
• Page Speed Optimization Tool
• Anchor Links Optimization
• Internal Link Strategy
• Iframes / Frames effects on SEO

4 – Header and footer
• Header optimization with tag line or catch line
• Creating an HTML and XML sitemaps
• URL Rewriting Techniques (301, 302)
• Canonical / 404 Implementation
• HTML Validation using W3C
• Google SEO Guidelines
• Search Engines V/S directory
• Major search engines and directories
• Google Page Rank
• Google Sandbox effect
• Website Architecture
• Hosting Selection
• How the Search Engine works
• Heat map of Home page
• Description
• Creating Robots file
• Creating sitemaps
• Image tag optimization
• Image Importance
• URL renaming/re-writing
• Google webmaster tools
• Yahoo Feed Submission

5 – Keywords Research and Analysis
• SWOT Analysis of Website
• Target segmentation
• Keyword Research
• Competitor Analysis

Off Page Optimization
• Submission to search engines
• Introduction to Offsite Optimization
• Local marketing of websites depending on locations
• Promoting Subsequent pages of the website
• Black Hat / White Hat / Grey Hat SEO
• Linking Building Methodology
• Types of Linking Methods
• Free Links / Paid Links
• Directory Submission
• Blog Submission
• Free Classifieds
• Forums
• Press Releases
• Video optimization

6 – Social Bookmarking
Local Business Listing (Local SEO)
• Classifieds Posting
• Using Blogs for SEO
• Blog Commenting
• Press Release Submission
• Article Submissions
• Video Submissions
• Social Media Optimization Techniques (Basics)
• RSS Feeds Submissions
• Tracking the Links and Page Rank
• Question and Answers

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