SSIS Training

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SSIS Training


SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is a SQL Server component that facilitates data extract, Consolidation, and loading (ETL). SSIS can interact with a wide range of data formats, including Excel, delimited text files, fixed-width text files, and XML. SSIS also allows you to automate the import, export and conversion of data.

In this training you will understand how to design, develop, deploy, and operate SSIS ETL solutions. By the end of this course you will have a firm understanding of SSIS concepts, and the knowledge to build high performance integration solutions and ETL packages for data warehousing. In this course, each module is reinforced with structured hands-on exercises.


Target Audience:
This course is mainly intended for Database Administrators, Database Developers, Business Intelligence professionals, QA professionals, Data Analysts, and other roles responsible for developing SSIS solutions.

– Basic knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server database and table design
– Familiarity with SQL, T-SQL and designing Stored Procedures
– Basic understanding of the Microsoft Windows operating system

Course Topics

Module 1 – DWH Basics:
Introduction to basic concepts of Data Warehousing, the differences between DWH and OLTP, Normalization, Snowflake Schema and Star schema, Data Granularity, Auditing.

Module 2 – DWH Design Considerations:
Slowly changing dimensions, Indexing the Data warehouse, Data Compression, Using Partitions, Identifying Fact and Dimension tables.

Module 3 – SSIS Basics:
SSMS export & import wizard, SSIS Basics, simple SSIS example.

Module 4 – SSIS Data Flow Tasks:
Using the Connection Manager, Derived Column Transformation, Aggregate Task Transformation, Lookup Transformation, Merge Join Transformation, Merge Transformation, Union All Transformation, Multicast Transformation, Conditional Split Transformation, Data Conversion Transformation.

Module 5 – SSIS Control Flow:
This presentation covers the following topics: Precedence Constraints, Sequence Containers, using For Each and For loops, using Parameters.

Module 6 – Designing and Troubleshooting SSIS:
Output Window, Data Viewers, Breakpoints, Watching Variables, Logging, Event Handler.

Module 7 – Incremental ETL Processing:
Using the Slowly Changing Dimensions transformation.

Module 8 – Deployment:
Create SSIS Catalog, Deploy a Project, Schedule a Job.

Detailed Course Outline

SSIS Training detailed syllabus

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