SSAS Training

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SSAS Training


Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) is a SQL Server component that facilitates Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) and data mining. Using SSAS you are able to analyze and understand data distributed across multiple tables or databases.

In this training students learn how to use SQL Server Analysis Services to produce BI solutions, how to extend hierarchies and leverage advanced dimension relationships, and also how to make smarter decisions with data-mining capabilities. In this course, each module is reinforced with structured hands-on exercises.


Target Audience: 
This course is mainly intended for Database Administrators, Database Developers, Business Intelligence professionals, QA professionals, Data Analysts, and other roles responsible for developing SSAS solutions.

– Firm understanding of DWH concepts and terminology.
– Basic working knowledge with relational databases.
– Basic understanding of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Course Topics

Module 1 – SSAS Basics:
Creating new SSAS project, Create a Data Source, Data Source View, Named Calculation, Explore Data, Friendly Name, Logical Table / Named Query, Logical Primary Key, Creating New Diagram

Module 2 – Cubes & Hierarchies:
Creating Cube, Publishing an SSAS Project, Cube Structure, Cube Basic Browsing, New Attribute from Column, Hierarchies, Creating Hierarchies, Using Hierarchies.

Module 3 – SSAS Attributes:
Order Attributes, Attribute Relationships, Attribute KeyColumns.

Module 4 – Dimension Relationship:
Indirect Relationship, Many to Many Relationship, Self Referencing Relationship.

Module 5 – Data Mining is SSAS:
Data Mining Process, Decision Trees, Clustering, Time Series, Association rules, Create New Mining Structure, Mining Model Viewer, Dependency Network, Mining Accuracy Chart, Mining Model Prediction, Singleton Query.

Module 6 – PowerPivot & Power View:
Getting Started, Importing Data, Calculated Fields and Columns, KPI, Linked Tables, Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, Slicers and Management Dashboards, Power View.

Detailed Course Outline

SSAS Training detailed syllabus

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