SQL Server Database Administration

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SQL Server Database Administration


This training explores the basic fundamentals of SQL Server database administration. The course is designed to provide students with a firm foundation in basic SQL Server Database administration.

In this course, students gain a conceptual understanding of the SQL Server Database Architecture, and how its components work and interact with one another. Students also learn how to manage the SQL Server Database Instance, manage storage, configure backups, and automate processes. In this course, each module is reinforced with structured hands-on exercises


Target Audience:
This course is mainly intended for Database Administrators, Database Developers, IT Professionals, and other roles responsible for administering the SQL Server database.

– Basic working knowledge of relational databases
– Basic understanding of the Microsoft Windows operating system
– Familiarity with the SQL language concepts and syntax

Course Topics

Module 1 – Configuring SQL Server Instance
SQL Server instances, memory management, instance configuration, deploying updates, the Resource Governor.

Module 2 – Configuring SQL Server Databases
Datafiles, extents and pages, database configuration, file placement, system databases.

Module 3 – Configuring Backups
The Transaction Log, physical and virtual log files, Recovery Models.

Module 4 – Export and Import Data
Using SSMS and SSIS

Module 5 – Managing Security
Principals and securables, configuring SQL Server logins and database users, using roles.

Module 6 – Automation
Configuring SQL Server agent, managing alerts and configuring jobs.

Detailed Course Outline
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