Management Workshop by Case Study

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Management Workshop by Case Study


** Are you born to be a software development manager, or is it something you can learn?
** What they forgot to teach us when we’ve finished university?
** Why is everyone talking about SCRUM and why it doesn’t fit them all?

This workshop presents the tips, tricks and secrets that every software development manager needs! How to build a strategy? How to bridge strategy and the day to day work? Should we focus on rapid development or efficiently using our budget? and how it’s related to the organization that we are in?
What can we learn from Google’s and Facebook management methods? How methodologies like SCRUM, Agile, Continuous Deployment and classic project management fit into each other, and what of those suits you if any? How do we make a project to be managed on its own? How to avoid Micro Management and how to deal with crises?

During the workshop we’ll discuss those issues, and learn together how to become better development managers. The workshop includes theoretical parts along with use-case  practices in which each team will be required to select the appropriate management method that suites the business challenges.


Target Audience:
VP R&D, CTO, CIO, Product Managers, Project Managers, software development leaders and business leaders that want to better understand modern software development management methods.

Previous knowledge:
Software development, project or product management

Course Topics

Agile, SCRUM and Classic Project Management

What are the key concepts?
What is the difference between SCRUM and Classic Project Management (Waterfall)?
Does it fit my team?

Continuous Integration, Deployment and Automation: can you deliver your code to production 100 days a day?

Does introducing a new version 100 times a day serves your business?
Can it be done?
What is Continuous Integration?
What is Continuous Deployment?
How to do automation right?

Getting Your Project and Team Run by Itself

What is TechTalk?
How Facebook and Google recruit people?
How to detect cracks and take care of them?
What is Dogfooding? Why do you need it?
The Whiteboard and getting back to basics: what to do then all is broken?

Faster or Cheaper?

What if I duplicate all my data?
How to keep operation costs low?
How to get the market faster?

Building a Product: what is the difference between bunch of lines of code and

Who are the players?
The R&D, Product and Sales
What is MVP?
Building a strategy and connecting it to daily requirements
Keep focusing

Case Analysis

Every group will analyze a case and will present the class

Summary and wrap up

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