Serverless Fundamentals Workshop

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Serverless Fundamentals Workshop


Serverless, or more specifically Function-as-a-Service (FaaS), is one of the hottest topics in the cloud world. It enables teams to run backend execution without maintaining any servers.

In this workshop we’ll get our hands dirty and understand what’s all the buzz about. We’ll implement various use cases such as a serverless REST API, file processing and more. We’ll be using AWS and the Serverless Framework.

This workshop is intended for software architects, development managers, developers and operation team members. The workshop can be delivered using Python/Node.js/Java/.NET.

Workshop Topics

Module 1 – Serverless overview

1.1 Introduction to Serverless architectures
1.2 How it works?
1.3 Use cases & limitations
1.4 Ecosystem & the Serverless Framework

Module 2 – Getting hands-on

2.1 Setup & configuration

— Setting up aws-cli & credentials
— Setting up Serverless framework

2.2 Creating & deploying your first serverless REST API

— AWS Lambda overview
— AWS API Gateway overview
— Configuring events and functions in serverless.yml
— Implementing handlers
— AWS CloudFormation overview
— Deploying with serverless framework
— Reviewing log entries

2.3 Processing files with Serverless

— AWS S3 overview
— Configuring S3 events
— Implementing file processing

2.4 Automating alerts handling with serverless

— AWS CloudWatch overview
— Configuring CloudWatch events
— Implementing events handlers

Module 3 – Summary and further references

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