Refactoring Legacy Code Workshop

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Refactoring Legacy Code Workshop


Engineering practices such as Clean Code, OOP, TDD etc. are noble ideas, and it’s not that hard to implement them when the code is new and shiny, but when it comes to an old and tangled legacy code, things are a bit more complicated.

In this workshop we will provide you techniques that will help you tackle the difficulties that pop up when you come to refactor a legacy code.

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  • Techniques to refactor legacy code
  • Techniques to write unit tests for legacy code
  • Techniques to break dependencies in code

This workshop is for developers who have struggled (or are struggling) with a legacy code. Also, we assume that these developers have a basic knowledge of how to write unit tests.

Workshop Topics


• The definition of legacy code
• The definition of refactoring
• The importance of refactoring
• Working with feedbacks
• Legacy code dilemma
• Legacy code change algorithm

Changing Software:

• Automated refactoring
• Test the right thing
• Test it right
• TDD in legacy code

Breaking-Dependencies Techniques:

• Methods of dependency injection
• Sprout method
• Sprout class
• Hidden Dependency
• Extract & Override
• Expose Static Method

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