R&D Management – The Agile Way

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R&D Management – The Agile Way


We all write code, from morning to night, but how much time we really spend on quality code, effectiveness and planning? What are the ways in which we can bring new ideas and refreshing daily routine to make the final product not only work better but also make us enjoy the trip.

  • Want to be a better programmer? Lead your development team in more efficient manner?
  • Want to increase the motivation of your employees easily using fresh ideas in your normal routine?
  • Want to save time and reduce development costs of integration / environment upgrade?

If you answered yes to one or more questions, let’s see how you can do it with valuable tips and focused on the most essential problems relating to the development and management.

This course introduces the tools and methodologies we can use for new developers to focus on writing great code, senior developer to serve as an example, architects to look for new ways, team leaders to develop mentorship skills and monitor the quality of code.

Target Audience

This seminar is for R&D Managers, Team leaders, developers and each role in the full development lifecycle. Knowledge in Agile is an advantage.

  • How to get more from my project management team – from start to finish – emphasizing the methodological quality of the code team
  • How to improve the satisfaction of my team by investing in configuration management?
  • Toolbox to improve staff motivation:
    –Starting from the hiring process – how to choose the right candidates?
    –We are all good managers to our bosses, how about being mentors for our staff?
    –How to do it right? Code Review, Peer Review, Pair Programming
    –Dealing with the development team ego
  • Documentation – how deep to go with product documentation? How not to make it a delaying factor?
  • The correct software project processes
  • Agile methodology
  • Do’s and Don’ts – The 13 Commandments – Simple tips in everyday perception that make the difference
  • Check yourself – real use cases and examples of poor conduct routine
  • Using Design Patters to improve code
  • Understanding the principles of Test Driven Development and their use
  • Building POC step by step
  • Use static analysis tools to improve code quality: FindBugs, Sonar
  • R&D Management across Cultures
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