PHP Advanced Course

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PHP Advanced Course


PHP for developers’ course includes deep understanding of the PHP scripting language to the high end, and provides the student with the necessary tools to write scripts that are secure, efficient and reliable. The course covers PHP 5.x and future features in PHP 6.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
–  Understand PHP code and concept
–  Code procedural PHP code
–  Code Object-Oriented code in PHP language
–  PHP Memory structure
–  PHP In code functions
–  Design Patterns and implement complex object-oriented code
–  PHP Libraray
–  PHP and Databases
–  PHP and JavaScripts / JSON
–  Understand script security and write safe and secure code


Target Audience:
–  Developers who have basic knowledge in PHP
–  Developers that are familiar with other scripting languages for web, like .ASP or .JSP
–  Developers in native languages that want to learn web programming
–  Developers who are familiar with PHP and want to improve and solidify their knowledge

–  Basic knowledge in PHP
–  Web  Servers basic understanding / HTTP Protocol

Course Topics
  • Course Introduction
  • Web Server Structure
  • Installing LAMP Overview
  • Language Essentials
  • Database Programming
  • XML
  • Regular Expressions
  • PHP & E-mail
  • Encryption
  • Advanced Database Programming
  • Performance Management
  • Templating & Internationalization
  • Web Security
  • PHP:JavaScript / AJAX / JSON – Concept
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