UX Research and Design

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UX Research and Design


One of the advantages Netcraft’s User Experience team has over other companies in the market is their use of UX methods and concept cracking.

This course is part of Netcraft Academy UX Course

Reaching the right Interface - Methods for Proper Characterization

Reaching the right Interface – Methods for Proper Characterization

In order to reach the correct Interface Design we use the proper methods and tools and we will teach you to integrate a number of methods that will allow you to examine a wide array of varied ideas in a short amount of time, allowing you to come up with the most appropriate interface.

In this lesson we will learn the UX techniques that serve us, including: The 6UP method, the grid method, the double grid method and the spectrum method.

Preliminary Research

Preliminary Research 

The research stage is and always was critical for our success as professionals. Appropriate use of various research tools exposes us to needs, problems and solutions even before we start the specification process. Proficient professionals never abandon this stage and ensure that it is tightly incorporated into the work process.

In this lesson we will learn why research is so critical for the production process and how different types of research can help us improve and even ensure the success of the interface.

We will learn about studies such as: research on a product and organization, market research and competitors, and user surveys, while understanding the tools and methods that will help us throughout the various processes

Personas and User Oriented Design

Personas and User Oriented Design 

As humans we have more than a few limitations (memory, movement, understanding, to name a few,) and it’s important to learn these human limitations. But that is not enough if you want to produce a wonderful interface. For this purpose it is crucial to learn about your system’s actual users.

  • We will discuss methods at our disposal to better understand the users so that we may specify a loveable and useable product. In this lesson we will learn about UCD methodology and when to use it
  • We will learn the guidelines for carrying out a preliminary user survey and discuss persona processes and UX specification
  • In addition, we will present real examples from persona documents that we produced for leading websites in Israel and around the world
Information Architecture

Information Architecture 

One of the most important and complex topics in the interface design process is planning  and organizing the information architecture.

Producing a navigation system and intuitive screen structure will allow users to locate content and perform actions simply and rapidly. For this purpose we need a preliminary study and in-depth understanding of design patterns and best practices.

In this lesson we will discuss research methods and models for deciphering information architecture as well as critical pathways that will help us provide solutions for the user population

Electronic Marketing - User Experience that Affects Profits

Electronic Marketing – User Experience that Affects Profits 

Commerce sites and marketing processes on the Internet have become a dominant and fascinating part of the field of user experience.

In this lesson we will discuss the rules that allow us to produce a good buying experience on any platform (cellular, tablet and internet). We will examine common mistakes from the field and look at brilliant examples from a number of the world’s leading commerce sites.

In addition, we will examine the differences between a new customer and a returning customer, the mental models of digital customers and the difference between an online purchase experience and a traditional one.

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