Modern Web Development Workflows

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Modern Web Development Workflows


Modern Web development workflows – build, test & deploy frequently with Gulp & friends.

Modern web development involves using many technologies that ads up various tasks in our everyday experience as a full-stack web developer. Common tasks may include preprocessing languages, minify & concatenate your code to perform better in production, test & auto deploy your code to different environments. Creating an efficient workflow will streamline all of these tasks into an automated script and will help you write better code, test and deploy your web applications easily and be more productive at the end of the day.

It doesn’t matter if you’ll decide to be working with Sass & compass on the client side, transpile ES6 code to standard compliant ES5 JavaScript on your Node.js server or build a deployment script that will enable you to push code Using Git to any of your project’s environments. At the end of this workshop you’ll be confident in using the necessary tools and become more efficient.

Why should you attend this workshop
  • Attending this workshop will make you substantially more productive in your everyday life as a web developer
  • These techniques are becoming a standard by now and required in the industry
  • Manual execution of any of these tasks is error prawn, time consuming and quickly becomes a maintenance nightmare as your project grows
  • Gulp is easy to pick up
  • Gulp is built with Node.js – the popular JavaScript runtime
  • Gulp is used for front end development as well as automating tasks on the server

This workshop is for junior web developers with a working knowledge in HTML, JavaScript & CSS

Course Topics


Why workflow management matters?
What are the alternatives?
The tools we use & why?

Dev Workflow Setup:

Creating a package.json file
Installing Gulp.js
Gulpfile structure
JavaScript common tasks
Write modular code with Browserify
CoffeeScript & TypeScript preprocessing
Transpiling ES6 with Babel
CSS common tasks
Sass & Compass preprocessing

Build automation Setup:

Tasks execution sequence
The default task
Watching files for changes
Auto reload the browser
Static reloads

Production Builds:

Set environment variables
Conditional tasks execution
Compressing images
Git deploy

Wrapping up:

Resources & references
Next steps

Detailed Course Outline
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