Angular 2 for Professionals

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Angular 2 for Professionals


JavaScript is everywhere today and writing large scale applications with it has been through much progress. In order to use Frameworks such as Angular 2 to build large scale apps for future generations, one will need to use modern JavaScript, apply many best practices and adhere to techniques such as: TypeScript, Observables, Immutability and more.

In this Angular 2 Workshop we’ll progress through a set of power sessions and get our hands on the practical usage of those tools.

Course Topics

Module 1 – Ultimate JavaScript

Closures and IIFEs
Building Classes and Objects
Prototypical Inheritance and Polymorphism
Functional programming
From Promises to Observables (Including Rx.js)
Achieving concurrency
Fix those Memory leaks
Flux, Data flow and Immutability

Module 2 – JS 2015 (ES6)

let + const
template strings
default + rest + spread
math + number + string + array + object APIs
the module loader
map + set + weakmap + weakset
enhanced object literals
iterators + for..of
A further look to ES7

Module 3 – Practical TypeScript

TypeScript Language Features
The Type System
Interfaces, Classes and Generics
Running TypeScript in a Browser
Exceptions, Memory, and Performance
Building Declaration files

Module 4 – From AngularJS to Angular(2)

Best practices to prepare for a smooth migration
Avoiding scope
From Directives to Components
Data flow

Module 5 – Angular 2 Overview

SPA and MVC in Angular 2
The Module system
Directives & Components
Template Syntax
Factories and Injectables

Module 6 – Angular 2 Templates

One way binding and Two-way data binding
Styling components encapsulation
Events & Refs
Built-in directives
Structural directives
Using Input and Output
Using and Building Pipes
Built in pipes
Chaining and parameterizing
Custom pipes
Stateful (un-pure) pipes
Asynch pipes

Module 7 – Angular 2 Forms

Building forms, and using Controls
Validations and Messages
Tracking and communicating changes

Module 8 – Angular 2 Routing

Navigation overview
Using Router-Outlets and Router links
Using the Router and Location
Lazy load and asynch routes

Module 9 – Angular 2 Components

Attribute Directives, Structural Directives and Components
Component life cycle
Host and View
Communicating in and out

Module 10 – Angular 2 Dependency Injection

Deep look into the DI system
Injecting Injectables
Mocking Injections for Unit Testing

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