Maintaining Elasticsearch in Production

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Maintaining Elasticsearch in Production


This 1-day course is aimed at developers and operations people who need to be able to maintain Elasticsearch clusters in production. In this course you will learn about the various parts that make up a cluster, how it operates, and many do’s and don’ts learned by experience over the years. The goal of this course is to make sure you can maintain a stable cluster regardless of the load you put on it.

Course Objectives:
* Performance, sizing, scaling out and multi-tenancy
* Designing the right cluster topology
* How to monitor the cluster health
* Understand the various configurations behind the cluster
* Maintenance and troubleshooting
* Integration with clouds (AWS, GCP, Azure)
* Security

Course Topics

Module 1 – Scaling out

  • Elasticsearch Nodes and their roles
  • Installation and security
  • Working with cloud environments
  • Designing the cluster topology

Module 2 – Configurations and monitoring

  • How things work under the hood
  • Elasticsearch’s configurations and metrics
  • Monitoring the cluster health, and knowing when to react
  • Tweaking configuraitons without risking cluster stability
  • Developers with 1 year of experience or more
  • Previous hands-on experience with Elasticsearch required – or completion of the ‘Elasticsearch for Developers’ course
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