Introduction to Linux for Developers

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Introduction to Linux for Developers


The course is an in-depth introduction to Linux for developers who will start using Linux as either their deployment or development platform. It gives the developer all the tools they will need to make Linux the operating system of their choice, from which they will not want to revert.
The course aims to boost the developer efficiency, and provides the attendees with significant Shell scripting skills, the ability to set up and build code in various languages, with a desert of setting up and running easy to run-easy to customize web servers, using Node.JS.


Target Audience: 
Developers new to Linux

Prerequisites: None

Course Topics
  • Linux Boot sequence, boot loaders, login.
  • Graphical Environments and Interfaces
  • Editing text: Vim, Emacs.
  • Basic user environment configuration: .profile, .bashrc,  PATH, env, alias and more.
  • Shell types
  • Using the Linux command line
  • The Bourne Again Shell (bash) builtins
  • Bash scripting
  • Regular expressions
  • Working remotely: ssh, scp, rsync and X display forwarding
  • Software package management: Searching, installing and updating software
  • System services, configuration and runtime control
  • System Administration primer
  • User and group management. Understanding permissions and DAC
  • Linux Files and Filesystems. The “Everything is a file” concept
  • Linux filesystem hierarchy
  • Logging: Syslog, dmesg, and /var/log/ folder explained.
  • Networking tools, understanding the ip tool.
  • Linux Filesystems
  • C and C++: Compiling, Linking and Libraries, binary tools
  • Debugging with GDB. Post-mortem analysis
  • Working with device drivers from bash and from C
  • Tracing with ltrace and strace
  • Introduction to the LAMP/Nginx frameworks
  • Introduction to Linux Security, iptables and the linux firewall constructs
  • Java: Installing, building, running
  • Python: Installing, building, running
  • Node JS setup, running a basic Http/Https server
  • Linux Kernel configuration, installation and testing
Detailed Course Outline
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