LinkedIn – from Basics to Mastery

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LinkedIn – from Basics to Mastery


LinkedIn connects the world’s professionals to “put them on the global map” and make them more productive and successful. It can be a tremendously powerful tool to grow your business, if you use it correctly and fully take advantage of its features. With a built-in professional network, ad targeting service, publishing platform and other tools – LinkedIn is the perfect place for B2B marketers.

This course will teach you how to create or improve your professional profile, make new connections and grow your network, how to optimize your company page to attract more potentials customers, how to use LinkedIn as an effective lead generation tool, and more.

LinkedIn Workshop – The Basics
  • What is LinkedIn compared to other Social Networks
  • What are the main uses of LinkedIn
  • Building the Personal Profile on LinkedIn
  • Network connections: how to create powerful network connections
  • How to expand the network of contacts, how to approach contacts who are not in my network
  • How to effectively use the LinkedIn mailing system
  • LinkedIn groups: How to use LinkedIn groups, how to choose relevant Groups
  • LinkedIn Search Interface: Using the LinkedIn Search and understanding the filters
  • Company Pages – How to search for companies and how to create a company page
  • Recruitment – Using LinkedIn both for recruiters Search for a job through LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Settings – how to manage and adapt the settings to our needs LinkedIn account
  • LinkedIn Security – Choosing the optimal security on LinkedIn
LinkedIn Workshop - Professional (1)
  • Business and Marketing Strategy on LinkedIn
  • Construction, management and marketing of a Company Page
  • Using Company Insight and Analytics for Companies
  • Entering presentations, videos, articles etc.
  • Opening, Management and Marketing a Group
  • How to increase sales in creative ways
  • Funded advertising campaign planning and building of campaigns
  • How to get to key professionals: many examples from real life
  • Business Development using LinkedIn
  • Comparison of various Premium profiles to the free profile
  • Using InMails
  • How to write a focused Mail to increase the probability of obtaining a response
  • Using groups: Group management and potential uses of advanced features
  • Contacting tactics: Use the business press as a basis for reaching out to people
  • Using Tags to manage large amounts of contacts
LinkedIn Workshop - Professional (2)
  • Building Your Network: How to import contacts, sync contacts etc.
  • Efficient use of “who’s viewed my profile” to approach people (profile Premium)
  • What are endorsements and how to utilize their functionality (also suitable for those looking for work!)
  • Using and updating of Publications, Patents to impact significantly on SEO
  • Recruitment / Consulting company with minimal investment
LinkedIn Workshop - Professional Tools
  • Introduction to Google Analytics and its impact on Marketing Strategy
  • Using HootSuit to leverage the distribution capabilities
  • Using Klout for the measurement of total impact on Social Networks
  • Using Resume Builder for the purpose of automatic production always up to date CV
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