JavaScript Fundamentals

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JavaScript Fundamentals


JavaScript has evolved from a language that runs on the client’s browser to a language that can be used in all sorts of environments and contexts: Using Node.js we can run JavaScript on the server. JavaScript can be used to create also desktop & Mobile apps, and finally – it may be used in ioT – the internet of things – connected “smart” devices like health monitors, sensors, bots etc’ that transmit data in real-time and offline.
In this course you will take an in-depth look into the language, learn the essential principles and best practices that will enable you to effectively program JavaScript, in your own projects, use numerous external reusable code libraries and collaborate with others on big scale projects.

Why should you learn JavaScript
  • JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world.
  • It runs on many environments – Browsers, Servers, Desktop, Mobile, IOT, smart TVs & more…
  • Its latest version – EcmaScript 6 upgrades it significantly
  • The demand in the market for great JavaScript developers is exploding due to the maturity of the JavaScript Ecosystem
  • Developer communities are very active and responsive in support and code contribution
  • Demand for great JavaScript developers is high in demand

No prior knowledge is assumed. a background in any other programming language is a plus.

Course Topics
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • The Basics
  • Control the Script Flow
  • Using the language
  • Debugging & Exception handling
  • Manipulating the DOM
  • The Browser & Web APIs
  • Working with Forms
  • Functions & Closures
  • From JavaScript to ECMA Script 6
  • Wrapping up
Detailed Course Outline

JavaScript Fundamentals detailed syllabus

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