Java Programming for Beginners

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Java Programming for Beginners


The Java for Beginners course is planned to get developers quickly on track with java 7 core platform using the OOP paradigm to develop an end to end application. This course is for developers with a background in any programming language (such as: C/C++/Visual Basic/Delphi) and not necessarily with an object oriented background.

Upon completion participants will be able to:

  • Wield Java 7 language
  • Build Java application utilizing object oriented paradigm
  • Develop according to the SOLID principles of OOP design and programming
  • Understand the Java Platform and have an understanding of its mechanisms
  • Be better prepared to pursue further training in advanced Java course or by own
Course Topics
  • Java Platform, JDK and JVM
  • Garbage collector and resource management
  • Java language syntax and Java 7 features
  • Object oriented paradigm Java flavoured
  • SOLID Design principles
  • Java essential classes and interfaces
  • Generics
  • Java Collections
  • Java I/O, Streams and serialization
  • Concurrency in Java : Threads, pools and synchronizations
  • Database connectivity
  • Quick introduction to dynamic web applications with servlets
  • Unit Testing and JUnit
Detailed Course Outline

Part 1 – Java Core

  • Introduction
  • Simple Java
  • Java Language Fundamentals
  • Primitive Types
  • Classes and Objects
  • Java Documentation
  • Java Decision Constructs
  • Arrays
  • Loop Statements

Part 2 – Java OOP

  • Fundamentals of OOP
  • Encapsulating State and Behavior
  • Advanced Class Constructions
  • Inheritance of Implementation
  • Abstraction
  • Advanced OOP Concepts

Part 3 – Java Features

  • Packages
  • Advanced Enums
  • Exception Handling
  • Assertions
  • Generics
  • Java Generic Collections
  • Java Streams
  • Java Readers and Writers
  • Java Network API
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