Internals-II: Android Framework Internals

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Internals-II: Android Framework Internals


Understand the inner workings of the Android core frameworks, and how they interact with overhead Dalvik and underlying kernel. Versions Froyo (2.2) through Lollipop (5.0.2) are discussed in detail. Emphasis on Android’s media architecture and frameworks. This course is meant as a followup to “Android Internals” (or “Linux to Android”)


Target Audience:
Android implementors and hackers, who want to gain a better understanding of Android’s core frameworks, and their implementation in Java and C/C++.

Knowledge of Android Internals as per course, or equivalent knowledge.

Note: This course is NOT intended for user mode developers who wish to develop GUI applications or use the Android Java SDKs – it is a followup to Internals-I: Linux To Android

Course Objectives
  • Describe the architecture of the Android core frameworks
  • Explain the multimedia architecture of Android – AudioFlinger and Surface/PixelFlinger
  • Build and replace Android system components
  • Identify, modify and extend Java Native Interfaces

This course allocates plenty of time for hands-on practice.
The hands-on exercises include:
∗ Calling Dalvik/Java code from native code, and vice versa
∗ Creating HAL modules
∗ Tracing activity IPC

Course Topics
  • The Android Architecture
  • Building Android
  • Android System Services
  • Androidisms
  • Dalvik
  • JNI
  • The Android HAL
  • Binder
  • The Android Multimedia Architecture
  • Android USB
  • Android Connectivity
Detailed Course Outline
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