Internals-I: Linux To Android

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Internals-I: Linux To Android


For experienced Linux kernel developers, this course is a great introduction to the Android systems. We examine the features of the Android Operating System, and highlight exactly what it inherits from its Linux core, as well as how it diverges with its idiosyncrasies and “Android-isms”. We talk about the modifications to the Linux kernel, that help Android optimize for embedded and tightly constrained hardware. Additional modules discuss specific Androidisms, such as the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), the Media Framework and Android Power Management.


Target Audience:
Experienced Linux System and Kernel programmers who want to move to the Android Platform.

Knowledge of Android or Linux at a user level, and both user/kernel mode programming. Familiarity with POSIX is mandatory. The course builds on existing kernel level knowledge. Please see “Linux Kernel Internals” course for expected baseline.

Note: This course is NOT intended for user mode developers who wish to develop GUI applications or use the Android Java SDKs – but can be a great recommended followup for those who already do.

Course Objectives
  • Describe the architecture of the Android operating system
  • Describe the similarities between Linux and Android
  • Describe the differences between Linux and Android
  • Understand core architectural differences from Froyo (2.2) to KitKat (4.4)
  • Describe the functions and architecture of the Android Kernel

This course allocates plenty of time for hands-on practice. The hands-on exercises include:

  • Creating a full fledged Android native application
  • Manipulating Kernel structures like process control blocks, events and others
Course Modules
  • Introduction – The Android Architecture
  • Inside an Android
  • Booting
  • Crash course in application development
  • The NDK
  • Android Security
  • Android-isms
  • Android Media
  • Android’s Hardware Abstraction Layer
Detailed Course Outline

Internals-I: Linux To Android detailed course outline

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