Chef Intermediate Workshop

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Chef Intermediate Workshop


Chef Intermediate Workshop is a two day comprehensive instructor-led training course that will take you beyond the fundamentals and give you some experience with where to go with Chef after you’ve mastered the basics.


This class assumes you have enough practical experience with Chef to be comfortable with the topics covered in class. Hands-on exercises throughout the class will reinforce the material discussed.

We strongly recommend participants to have:
* Working knowledge of core Chef concepts and resources
* Basic experience with using knife, cookbook, and executing chef-client on target nodes


Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

Extend Chef with custom resources and providers
Describe the internals of a Chef Client run
Create, debug, and distribute custom Ohai plugins
Configure report and exception handlers
Avoid common cookbook errors using Foodcritic and Rubocop
Write simple unit tests with ChefSpec

Course Topics
  • Configuring Chef clients
  • Building custom resources
  • chef-shell – The Chef debugger
  • Writing Ohai plugins
  • Chef client run internals
  • Implementing Chef handlers
  • Linting your cookbooks
  • Introduction to ChefSpec
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