Introduction to Cloud Computing

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Introduction to Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is rapidly evolving, driven by the need to get real insights from data and by the transfer of infrastructure, applications, and data to the cloud, and decreasing investments in legacy systems. In this seminar we’ll explore the principles of Cloud computing from a theoretical perspective using real world case studies.

This seminar is targeted to technical managers who wish to have a deeper understanding of what cloud computing is, the opportunities and risks in private/public clouds, and major cloud providers.

Seminar Topics

Information Technology in the Modern Enterprise:

Opportunities and challenges
What is Cloud Computing
Business in the Cloud

The Cloud Value Proposition:

The Cloud Value Framework
Typical Business Cases

Real World Case Studies:

Case Study – Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Problem Domain
Case Study – Google Apps
Problem Domain

Opportunities and Risks:

Understanding Cloud Types
Data Clouds
Service Clouds
Interface Clouds
Understanding Cloud Scope
Public clouds
Public Clouds Opportunities and Risks
Private clouds
Private Cloud Opportunities and Risks

Next Steps:

Potential for Cloud
Cloud Computing Risks
Evaluating the Cloud
Pragmatic Adoption

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