HTML, CSS and JavaScript for Developers

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HTML, CSS and JavaScript for Developers


This hands-on course teaches you the fundamentals of HTML & CSS plus JavaScript programming. The course is targeted to server-side developers who wish to explore the basic technologies for web pages development.


Target Audience:
Developers who wish to use HTML, CSS  & JavaScript  for web pages development

Development experience

Course Topics

Module 1 – HTML

Web development short Introduction
Web / Client / Server / HTTP
Page Rendering
Introduction to HTML
Basic HTML
Semantic vs Style Presentation
HTML Schema – HTML5 (and meta tags and includes, doctype)
HTML Main components and tags
HTML Inputs
HTML Tables
HTML5 Extra (Video, Sound, Picture, Offline, Canvas, SVG)

Module 2 – CSS

CSS 2/3
CSS Box model, flow
CSS Selectors
CSS Parameters
CSS Pseudo elements
CSS Layout samples
CSS Tips and tricks (centering)
Designing: Media, Fluid, Elastic, Responsive, Mobile First
SEO Consideration
CSS3 Extra (animation, transitions, orientation, fonts)

Module 3 – JavaScript

JavaScript history and ECMA Script
JavaScript syntax, main commands, functions, input & outputs, strings, arrays
JavaScript OOP: Objects, constructors, inheritance, prototype, scopes, Clojure
JavaScript in the browser – DOM Manipulating, traversing, styles
JavaScript DOM events
JavaScript jQuery
JavaScript Plugins
JavaScript Extra: (geolocation, AJAX, Web Workers, Online/Offline, Cross Site Scripting CORS, Web Storage)
JavaScript Frameworks: AngularJS

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