GIT Basics

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GIT Basics


Git is a modern, open-source, distributed version control system. Its popularity is growing rapidly, and has been adopted by many large-scale projects having thousands of developers and contributors. Git allows every developer to have her own complete copy of the entire repo (including revision history, and tracking capabilities). To branch, commit and merge locally, (independent of network, central server, or other developers) and to choose what is ready to be shared.
In this course participants will be introduced to Git VCS starting at the very basics, through day-to-day practices and take a deep dive into Git internals. Gaining solid understanding of Git’s modules will allow understanding more advanced Git capabilities, including branching, merging, rebasing, conflict handling and synchronizing code among remote repos.


Target Audience:
This course is an introduction to Git for users (who will need to work with Git on a day-by-day basis) and for administrators (who want to run a central repository for one or more teams). Participants will setup appropriate Git infrastructure for self-use and for a project.

Familiarity with version control systems is recommended. Participants should be comfortable using the command line, and preferably using Unix\Linux commands.

Course Topics
  • Git background and history
  • Git theory and objects
  • Creating a repository
  • Personal configuration
  • Repository configuration
  • What’s in a commit?
  • Creating commits
  • Amending commits
  • Logs
  • Diffs
  • Fixing mistakes
  • Branches
  • Merging (different types)
  • Rebasing
  • Cloning
  • Working with remote repositories and branches
  • Multiple remote repositories
  • Git submodules
  • Git tips, tricks, and strategy
  • Hooks
  • Architecture of Git servers for organizations
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