DevOps: CM with Chef and Docker

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DevOps: CM with Chef and Docker


Configuration Management (CM) is a set of interrelated processes, management techniques, and supporting tools that assure the consistency of a product’s performance, functional and physical attributes with its requirements, design and operational information throughout its life. The CM process is widely used by many organizations to manage every project and resource that affects their business performance. This course provides the tools, methods, and processes each team member needs for improving his ability to rapidly define, test, release and deploy revised product and process configurations.

Target Audience

This course is targeted to anyone involved in the software development process (developers, engineers, operation managers, etc.) wanting to embrace Chef Opscode or Docker as a configuration management solution.

Course Topics

Principles of configuration management:

Software delivery problem definition and concepts
Configuration management
Continuous Integration concepts
Deployment Pipeline
Best practices for Unit Testing, Integration Tests and System Tests
Continuous Deployment
OpenStack overview
Leading tools and technologies for Software Deployments and Configuration Management


Getting to know Chef Opcode
Introduction to Knife
Introduction to Cookbooks
Developing Cookbooks
Chef and Jenkins integration
Building high-available services with Chef
Chef in the cloud


Getting to know Docker
Container based deployment and architecture
The Docker CLI
Configuring Docker container
Automation with Docker
Docker and Chef
Building high-available services with Docker
Docker in the cloud

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