Introduction to AWS Cloud Services

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Introduction to AWS Cloud Services


AWS is the world leading public cloud services for web applications and distributed computing development. In this course students will build video sharing website and through that process will learn the basics of web applications development over AWS and right ways to utilize the cloud services for the purpose of scalability and high availability.

This class, with a combination of lecture, discussion and hands on labs and exercises, will introduce the basic AWS concepts and will demonstrate the usage of relevant AWS services.


Target Audience:
The course is for developers (Java, PHP, C#) who wish to design and build secure, reliable and scalable AWS-based applications.

∗ Server side: experience with Java, PHP or .NET on the server side
∗ Client side: basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript

Each participant need to open an AWS account.
Students’ computers pre-configured with the following:
∗ Eclipse for Java\PHP development or Visual Studio 2010\2012 for .NET development
∗ Local webserver (Tomcat\Apache httpd\IIS)

Course Topics

Day 1

• Gathering and computers’ preparations
• Introduction to AWS cloud services
• Web Front – Options for web servers installations (EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, Route 53)
• Exercise: EC2 web server installation and AMI generation
• Exercise: Combining EC2 with Elastic Load Balancer and configuring Auto Scale group
• Storage – Storage options over AWS
• Exercise: Configuring S3 storage and loading web static resources from S3

Day 2

• Data – SQL and NoSQL options over AWS
• Exercise: Configuring RDS MySQL\SQL Server database and storing users in database
• Uploading materials to storage
• Exercise: Uploading video file to S3
• Options for video conversion over AWS (ffmpeg installation, Amazon Elastic Transcoder, 3rd party SaaS)
• Installations and configuration over AWS – CloudFormation
• Exercise: Configuring EC2 for ffmpeg installation with and without CloudFormation

Day 3

• Queue based architecture for video processing
• Exercise: Implementing queue based video transcoding
• Exercise: Using Amazon Elastic Transcoder
• AWS CDN – CloudFront
• Exercise: Playing video from AWS cloud
• Advanced cloud services and architecture – Notifications (AWS SNS), Workflows (AWS SWF), NoSQL (DynamoDB), Caching (ElastiCache)

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