Growth Hacking

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Growth Hacking


There are two main problems for start-ups and business in the digital arena:
∗ There is not enough money for traditional marketing: TV & radio
∗ There is no experience or ability to promote by digital means as they become more and more complex and advanced.

In order to bridge this gap in 2010 Sean Ellis defined the term ‘growth hacking’.  The idea was to improve start-up companies’ ability to market and to focus on techniques that could influence net income through digital activities.

Through the course’s framework we will learn how to manage the process of growth hacking from A-Z;
∗ How to improve website/application performances with a low budget
∗ How to enlarge conversion percentages
∗ How to work with different freelancers in different areas around the world
∗ And most importantly – How to earn more from our digital product

Course Objectives

An enriching and dynamic course that reveals the work techniques in the digital arena whilst giving examples and case studies of different companies from Israel and abroad. Concepts will be presented in a simple, understandable and accessible way and the framework of the course will be adjusted to suit the relevant field of the participants.

  • The course will provide a study manual plus recommendations, written by Adler, for sources of further information and areas of study to augment the course
Course Targets
  • To provide a wide and professional knowledge of the digital world
  • To give the students the tools to manage processes to improve ROI
  • Enabling the organization to use the hidden potential of the internet arena for improved usage and sales
  • To provide real work practices and professional business development and organizational tools in the field of digital
  • To give frontline knowledge in this field

A clear definition of Growth Hacking and how it is possible to use growth techniques for doubling and empowering the conversions of the website/application
• Introduction – the philosophy of growth hacking
• What is growth hacking
• The difference between managing and executing

Lean marketing
• Marketing with budget restraints
• The power of creativity in the age of digital marketing

Data Driven Marketing
• Digging for information using search engines
• Collecting information and building relevant databases
• Improving databases and business development opportunities using the information

Conversion Based Analytics
• Google analytics, social analytics, connecting analytics between a variety of platforms, advanced analytic tools, creating automatic reports and receiving updates

Tools & Paid Media
• Facebook, Outbrain, Twitter, Google, PPC
• Operating tools for assessing feasibility
• Tools for improving your campaign
• Implementing codes and advanced tracking
• Must Have experiences

Tools & Organic Media
• Social
• Content focused media/Blogosphere
• PR Bloggers

Email Marketing
• Marketing Tools
• Techniques for promoting smart emails
• Optimization and conversion rates
• Result based marketing

Freelancer Economy
• Forming a team of freelancers
• Monitoring and tracking submitted reports

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