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Glorious Web Technologies


JavaScript has become the most important language for web-centric applications. It was always the native language of the browser, used for all DOM manipulations, behaviors and animations. Now JavaScript is becoming a true end-to-end choice for many companies since:

∗ Single-page-applications are becoming the standard for user experience
∗ JavaScript has proven to be scalable
∗ Mobile Apps, Desktop Apps and even Robots are being built in JavaScript

The course duration may be adjusted (24-48 hours) and also the course level (Getting Started, Advanced, or A-Z Training) based on clients need, actual implementation and usage.

We invite you to take a deep breath before taking a deep dive into the exciting world of Web Technologies.

Pick and Choose desired training for your team!

Sessions List

Awesome frontends in no-time
Quickly showcase an awesome frontend with AngularJS & Bootstrap

Taste of NodeJS
Node.js is an exciting alternative for your server side. It is powerful, has an outstanding community and It scales. Having the ability to easily share client and server side logic opens some exciting possibilities

Modern Javascript Application
Use some of the most current tools to build a full scale javascript application with AngularJS, Gulp & Browserify and ECMA6, SASS and more

The Mean Stack
An easy landing into the most popular development stack of today and into the MEAN world (MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node)

Hands on Web Techs
Building a playful game with web-techs

Utilities belt for JavaScript
Review of the tools for better coding (Underscore.js, build tools, transpilers and more)

JavaScript is different
The current and tomorrow of the most important language today (including TypeScript…)

The battle of the giants
Angular from Google and React from Facebook, what’s up, where this is all going

The enemy is on the wire
Learn how to shield your application and outsmart hackers

Introduction to HTML5
A walk in the park through the newly-born super-powers of the web

Desktop Apps are here to stay
Here is why you should use web techs to build them

The effective dev workflow
Using Gulp, Browserify, Watchify & Browsersync to enable auto rebuilds & live browser reloading. Use Babelify to write modern JS. Debugging and using source-maps.


Pick and Choose desired training for your team!


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